Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photos From Jim and Speaking of Choice

A guy walks into a bar wearing nothing but a pair of jumper cables. The bartender looks at him and says, "you can stay as long as you don't start anything".

My Garmin GPS tells me that the sun is setting at 7:21. For a guy who likes to ride after work I always get a bit depressed as the days get shorter. I try to tell myself that the break from riding will be good but I have a hard time convincing myself of that.

I managed to get on the road by 3:30 yesterday afternoon. I didn't intend to ride as far as I did but I kept telling myself that I needed to take advantage of the beautiful day and the daylight I had. In another month any ride longer than 40 miles after work will be a rarity.

I got a phone call from Jim Barbour Monday night. I'd written about Jim back in July. He was wondering if I'd received his email but I hadn't. It turned out that he had the wrong address for me but once we got that figured out he had some nice photos for me to add to what I'd written. I'm still hoping to get a recent photo of him and his wife to add to the story.

Anybody who has been reading here pretty much knows my political views. I'm becoming a conservative Democrat if there is such a thing. But I'm having a difficult time finding a person who represents those views who I can vote for. Collin Peterson is one of a few pro-life Democrats but he doesn't represent my district. John Kline does. It's nice to know that they at least exist.

You couldn't pay me to vote for a Republican this time around; not after having lived through the hypocrisy of what the Bush administration has forced on the FAA's Air Traffic Controllers. If you're in management you can do no wrong. But if you're one of the people in the trenches who's not afraid to do the difficult work of separating airplanes then they (management and those they dance for) don't have enough disdain for you. You don't count and your input doesn't matter. It's all a part of the union busting tactics at play to try and marginalize and demoralize the workers. All they've accomplished to this point is a pissed off workforce both young and old who have absolutely no respect for management.

Obama is our guy; or so our union says and I'd love to vote for him but I can't. I could no sooner vote for Obama than I could the most fanatical pro-choice person in a crowd of protesters. Why is it that the lunatic fringe of the Democrat party set the agenda for Democrats? Why is there no room in their big tent for opposing views such as those of mine and so many others like me who would love to pull the lever for a Democrat but this one huge issue is keeping us from being able to do so. Yeah, it really does matter to us. And it should matter to the rest of the country because had their been a pro-life candidate running for president as a Democrat I have no doubt in my mind that a Democrat would've been in the white house the last 8 years. But what about pro-choice people...who will they have to vote for? I don't know and I really don't care.

People shame me because I allow this one issue to trump all others. Couldn't the same be said of Democrats who won't allow this issue to be dropped from their platform? What's in it for the party? More losses?

I took the pups for a walk this morning and when I got home I went online. I was reading a couple of blogs I frequent and I came across a comment in this one. The comment was titled 'obama rules' and I assumed it was a pro-Obama link. It wasn't. It was a link to a video which detailed what I'd heard about Obama and his support for some very ugly stuff. Here's the video.

Is the video unfair? I don't think so. How do I dismiss this sort of thing?

I think it's important to know who it is you're voting for or against and in this case I cannot understand how a guy with this sort of belief and track record is the one elevated by Democrats to be their leader. Once again I'm left with no option for voting Democrat this election. It won't happen. How many others just like me are saying the same thing?


Craig and Sheila Natvig said...

Kevin, believe it or not this is the first I've seen of your Blog!! I love it. so far the first two entries I've read were great, but you've got me curious about the moving violation?????? Hope Tammy's feeling better, that must have been traumatic.

Kevin said...

Craig, glad you found it.

Stay tuned...more about the moving violation to come.