Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Thursday Night

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I came home from work yesterday just as Tammy was getting back from having driven herself to the doctor. I figured she must be doing better. She wasn't. Her doctor says she has influenza. It was good to see her getting around but she has no stamina. Along with the flu she has a head-cold and both a sinus and ear infection. She's still feeling quite miserable. She stopped at the store and bought several bottles of hand sanitizer which she placed around our home.

I had a laugh when I got in the house. I saw on the counter an over-stuffed envelope to the Republican Party of Minnesota. Tammy took the contents of a mailing we received from them and crammed it all back inside the return envelope to let them know what they can do with their future mailings for our address. I'll send it back in tomorrow's mail. And to think; she was working the phones four years ago for Republicans to get out the vote.

It's good to see glimpses of the woman I love while she struggles to get better.

Tammy told me she would be fine and that I should get out on my bike and enjoy the day. There was no arm twisting necessary. I planned to do an out and back to Jordan with the winds out of the west at 10-15 mph but just as I was getting into Jordan I began having those thoughts I get this time of year...'I won't be able to do this ride after work in another couple weeks because the sun will be setting too early'...'I'll be kicking myself when I get home after 45 miles with the sun still up knowing I could have stayed out longer.' That's all it took. I descended highway 282 into Jordan and headed north on county road 45 toward Carver and further away from home.

This has become one of my more enjoyable loops. It's got a lot of variety depending on the time of day. From quiet highway stretches with no stoplights to interrupt my rhythm to bumper to bumper traffic through Chaska and Shakopee with people trying to make their way home while passing the time with a cellphone to one ear.

There's been a lot of construction southwest of Chaska on hwy 41. I saw a sign which said "road closed one mile ahead" before I came upon some road resurfacing. Usually I can thread my way through this sort of thing and this was no different although for a time I wasn't so sure. It'll be nice to have this section resurfaced as it's been bad for a long time.

I arrived home over 70 miles later with 15 minutes of daylight to spare. I felt good. Toby and Allie greeted me at the back door with looks that said, 'we're ready for our walk'. I grabbed a quick shower and checked to see how Tammy was doing. The pups enjoyed their walk.

I got an application in the mail for membership to AARP. It's not the first time that either Tammy or I have gotten one of these but this time I may actually send it in. Hey, there may be a discount out there to take advantage of. One thing that was curious to me about the application form; nowhere on it does it say what the letters AARP stand for. I figured it was something something Retired People but I wasn't sure. Wiki had the answer.

A shout-out to Craig for stumbling onto my blog. I try and post something here at least once a week. It's mostly just some random stuff that's been a part of my world over the past few days. Sometimes it's meant for others; sometimes it's meant for me to be able to look back on in a few years and reminisce about that time in my life...some particular ride or thing I/we did. Like I said...random stuff.

Craig was curious about Rachel's 'moving violation' I made mention of a few days ago. Yup...she got herself a ticket for an improper lane change. Tammy and I were heading out the back door to meet Reid when Rachel, Trina and Sarah came walking up the garage steps into the laundry room. Rachel had a disgusted look on her face as she handed me some papers. She was saying something about how she didn't do anything wrong and that the guy was a real jerk to her and blah blah blah. We had just had a conversation the night before about how drivers her age are more likely to get pulled over than older drivers. I don't know if that's true but I've heard it several times. Anyway, my point was that she needed to be extra careful and not give the cops a reason to ticket her. That's all.

Apparently she was trying to make a lane change across three lanes of traffic to get to DSW shoes. The girls have a Homecoming dance to get ready for this weekend. Rachel was in the left lane on Aldrich ave thinking that she needed to turn left at 141st street at the light. Both Trina and Sarah told her she needed to turn right. She looked over her right shoulder, signaled her turn and proceeded to make her right turn. There was a police car behind her and he wasn't too fond of the maneuver. He pulled her over and to hear Rachel tell it, she said that he said she could have caused an accident with a move like that. you suppose he had a point? She said they "weren't playing the music loud or screwing around" and that she didn't think she deserved to get a ticket.

It's hard to say. If she signaled as she said she did and looked to make sure she wasn't pulling in front of anyone I can see where she would be upset for being ticketed. I would be. She has a court date for one month from now. We'll go there and explain her side of the story to the judge.

Tammy and I aren't the kind of parents who think our child can do no wrong. I want to give Rachel the benefit of the doubt but I also don't want to discount what the officer who pulled her over saw. If this ticket (along with her little bumper to bumper action two weeks ago) helps to make her a more careful driver I'm fine with that.

I asked her if it's possible that God was trying to say something to her through these two incidents and if so what might He be saying. She didn't hesitate. "I should be more careful." I agree.

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Pdog said...

They will always believe the officer, no matter what the story. When my daughter got her ticket we pled it down to a six month "no same or similar offense" and then the ticket will just disappear. You still have to pay the fine and if you get a ticket during that six month period they will BOTH go on her driving record.

My daughters six months were up in July. It's like she never had a moving violation and it had no effect on our insurance.