Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas, 2008

When I was 8 years old we were living in our home in Wayzata. It was just up the street at Jimmy Ward's house that I learned there was no Santa Clause. The Christmas of '65. I'd never even considered the idea until Jimmy told me. I took the news to my older sister Jackie and she confirmed it for me. Looking back I have no idea how it wasn't Jackie who would've been the one to reveal this to me. She was the one who on occasion would tell me ahead of time what I was getting for Christmas after she'd done her reconnaissance work. If there was no Santa then what were the chances that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were also frauds? I was careful to keep the secret from Keith and Tim who were still fully sold on the scam.

Christmas day 2008 has been a full one. I got to bed late last night after visiting with family, church, opening gifts and staying up too late. My alarm got me up at 4:30 this morning and I had to sit on the edge of my bed for a minute to pull myself together before getting up and into the shower. I was dead on my feet. Fortunately it was an easy day at work and I took whatever breaks were offered and thankfully there were many. I came home and slept from 3:30 until 6:00. I didn't nap, I slept.

Rachel and I went to Grandma's house last night to visit with the rest of the family. Tammy had to work until 7:30 so she took a pass. It was a nice visit but I left with two regrets; that we couldn't stay longer and that not everyone could make it. Mom does a great job of pulling together a nice meal for us all and making her home available and comfortable.

I especially enjoy Christmas Eve service at Hosanna. Pastor Bill gave his usual Christmas Eve sermon which I never grow tired of hearing. He took time to apologize to anybody who has ever been marginalized by the church. He talked about the different names for God/Jesus; Emanuel being one of them. Emanuel means 'God with us', not 'God with me' and 'not with you'. God is with all of us but we have to make the decision to accept him. He talked about how God chose to reveal himself to the people of the world not as some all powerful being but as a vulnerable child. And that's why we were there; to celebrate Christ's birth. Call me foolish for believing all of this. Maybe it's just another 'Santa Clause' lie. I'll take my chances and believe.

We got home from church a little after 10:00 and opened gifts. We didn't place near the emphasis on gifts this year as much as we have in the past. Rachel was telling me the other night that she didn't have many requests for us. She's becoming less and less materialistic the older she gets. I could learn from her example.

Tammy had a photo that Rachel took in Guatemala last August enlarged and framed for her. That was easily the most meaningful gift we gave her and she loved it. She talked about how she'll take it with her to college and wherever she goes.

I bought Tammy a watch. I broke down and got her something from within the glass cabinet rather than the spinning stand. I told her that I wouldn't be offended if she exchanged it for something different but she's very happy with it. Hey, I learned from the 'doghouse' video. ;)

Tammy got me some new road shoes for cold weather cycling. I've been making do with my regular warm weather shoes but I really need something better, more robust in protection from the bitter cold and these shoes are all of that. I'll bike in zero degree weather for a little over an hour and it's always my frozen toes which brings me home sooner than I'd like. These shoes should be a big improvement in the warmth department. There isn't a better shoe on the market for winter riding. Now, if the ice and snow would recede some I could get back on the road and see how well they work.

We've been getting hammered with snow and plenty of cold weather in the Midwest. Every couple days I'm out there with either my shovel in hand or behind our snow-blower clearing our driveway. I've used the 4wd in my truck more this year than any other year in the seven years I've owned it.

Rachel surprised me The Dark Knight, the Batman blockbuster from last summer. She was excited to give it to me. I wanted to see it when it was in the theaters but we never made it. The three of us sat downstairs tonight and watched it. It's a bit of a departure from the dynamic duo I used to watch in the 3rd grade but it was a good show. I loved the Batmobile/Batcycle the most.

And that's a wrap for Christmas, 2008.

Here's some video from Christmas Eve at my mom's home. Maybe a bit boring if you're not family but feel free to have a look.


John said...

Sounds like a great day, work and all! Like the comic strip, too.

Kevin said...

Yeah, the Duplex is my favorite.

Not too many more Christmases will the faa take from me. How about you?