Monday, April 20, 2009

Paying to Play and a Tendinitis Solution

Charlie is on a first name basis with our Congressman, John Kline. I had the pups out for a walk this morning and we came by John's home as he was walking out to his mailbox. He bent down to pet the pups and said "hello Charlie" as we crossed over to his side of the street. I'm impressed as he's only met Charlie one other time and that was a few weeks ago. With all the new names and faces John encounters any given day or week it must prove difficult to remember any of them. I can only assume that Charlie made an impression on him.

Would you pay to upload videos to YouTube? It may come to that unless they somehow begin to miraculously start raking in enough cash to cover their costs. Apparently YouTube is struggling to remain viable and the only reason it's still up and running at all is because of the deep pockets of its parent company, Google.

I've got a Flickr account that I pay $25 a year for. There's a free version as well which has some limitations but it works pretty much the same as the 'Pro' version. I don't mind paying for the service and would likely pay a bit more if need be. I feel the same about YouTube. I'd happily pay $25 a year or more to have them host whatever videos I put up and for me that's quite a lot.

What I don't understand is why if they're in such dire straights did the folks at YouTube recently decide it was a good idea to allow people to upload videos up to 1gb in size when their previous limit was 100mb? I like that I can now upload high resolution stuff but I'm not sure that's going to bring more revenue to cover whatever costs are associated with the increased storage and bandwidth to support it.

My tendinitis is nearly gone and I hope to be back on our rower later this week. A visit to my doctor a few weeks ago enlightened me as to what was happening and what I needed to do to rehab my arm. He said that the condition would be very slow to improve on its own and that what I really needed to do was to build up the muscles around the tendons which would allow my tendons to more quickly heal. It made sense to me. I began exercising with a small one pound hand weight while driving to and from work or sitting in front of the TV.

I suppose that would've been all I needed but I came across this on a rowing forum a couple weeks ago. I found them locally at REI (for a bit more) and went out and bought one. They're quite the gizmo and I can tell you that they work incredibly well at exercising not only my forearms but my hands too. Tammy has also been using them as she has the same tendinitis issues I do. I bought an extra one to keep in my truck for when I'm driving.

Not only is it a great gadget for strengthening my arms but it can also be fun to play with and see how fast you can get the gyro inside spinning. I've had mine up to just over 10,000 RPMs that's nowhere near what some people can do. Check this guy out. A bit freaky, I know.

Me, I'm only a beginner who has managed a number on the other side of 10,000 but I'm just getting started.

Yeah, I know...I'm a geek.


Pdog said...

That dude was scary! It was a lot like these guys but I'm sure you'll have the record in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

i think my teen age years of being in the "bathroom" with the sunday sale ads for ladies under garments may have prevented me from pain in my 40's and later.... payoff on both ends!! keep workin' it.