Friday, September 4, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas, part 3

We left the pool and got into the elevator with a big fellow in his 60s. Tammy asked him how he was doing and he replied that he'd been down more than $8000 at one point but won $6000 of it back. He was quite happy having lost $2000. I guess it has everything to do with one's perspective.

We had one more night on the town before catching an early flight the next morning. On our way out of the hotel we stopped by the front desk to settle up and to make sure there weren't any added charges we weren't aware of; and there were.

We knew we'd be charged for anything we used from the cooler as it stated clearly on the front of its door. What was a surprise to us was that there was also a hefty charge for any of the items on top of the dresser that we used and we used quite a the tune of $150.28! Page 1 and page 2 of our bill of extras. The love box doesn't come cheap at $32.33.

We explained to the woman behind the counter that we had no idea there was a charge for any of it. We figured that because we were such high rollers that we were merely being comped. She said that they don't do that. She went on to explain that all of those items have a sensor under them and if we so much as lift an item and replace it we'll be charged for it. Really? I told her that they needed to make that clearer to people and with that she said she'd remove the charges from our bill. I think they must have to do that a lot.

The main thing on our agenda for the night was the late performance of Cirque du Soliel, Love, The Beatles. But first, we took some time to see the Shark Reef at the hotel. We've got something similar at the Mall of America and it's quite impressive but I think this was even better. They give you a device to hold up to your ear and it tells you what you're looking at as you walk along. As far as value goes it's well worth the $16.95 admission price for adults considering you're in Las Vegas.

I think we all liked the jellyfish exhibit best. I did not know that jellyfish don't have a brain, eyes or a heart. Sounds like some people I know, but enough about the FAA.

We took the monorail and got off at the exit for the Mirage where the show was playing and where we had dinner at BLT Burger. I've never before spent $17 for a hamburger, fries and a drink. Maybe I don't get out enough. It's best to not even look at the cost of things and just know that you're in LAS and go with it. Trying to find something cheap would be futile unless you go to McDonald's, which we did at least once.

The highlight of our vacation had to be the show; Cirque du Soliel, Love. I've never seen anything like it nor anything near as good. It's a combination of acrobats and dancers performing to Beatles music. It's theater/circus in the round and I don't think there's a bad seat in the house. There's so much happening that I often found myself trying to focus on one area of the stage at the expense of another. My eyes were all over trying to take it all in but during some parts I simply couldn't. I'd absolutely recommend this as a must see if you're going to Las Vegas.

Tammy has been singing Beatles songs since the show. Yesterday she was singing, "I am the apeman, I am the apeman, you are the walrus, coocookachoo" I asked her if she said "apeman" and she said yes. I said it's "eggman". We both laughed as she was certain that she was right and I was wrong. Now she had me wondering if maybe I've had the words wrong all these years. Apeman did make more sense as I've never heard of an eggman. However, a quick google search gave the nod to me. But I like better one other lyric she used to mess up. Led Zeplin's Stairway to Heaven has a line that says "and as we wind on down the road". In Tammy's youth she used to think they were singing, "and there's a wino down the road". Too funny.

We got back to our hotel after midnight and we were all beat tired. A full night's sleep would've been great but we had to be up in 3 hours for a 4:10 AM shuttle ride to the airport.

I think I was half asleep going through security. I had to go through the metal detector 3 times before I got everything emptied from my pockets. We left security and took the tram to our departure gate. Just as the tram doors were closing I realized that I'd left my cellphone in one of the 3 trays I'd used getting through the metal detector. I quickly called it using Rachel's phone but nobody answered. I'd hoped a TSA agent had picked it up. I caught the next tram back to security and breathed a sigh when one of the security guys handed it back to me. Wake up, Kevin!

I'm not one to sleep on planes but Rachel's gotten pretty good at it. She's become quite the traveler with all the trips she's taken in the last few years and has the routine down. She prides herself on being able to sleep without leaning on the person next to her in her seat. I wish I could.

We arrived back at MSP in the early afternoon but we still had to pick the pups up at Jerry and Jackie's on the north end of the cities. A big thank you again to Jackie and Jerry for watching them for us. We got home and I was exhausted. I went right to bed and slept for 6 hours before getting up at 10:00 PM. Again, I couldn't believe we'd only been gone a few days as it felt like so much longer.

It was fun vacation. We only dropped at most $50 gambling. I'd like to go again but maybe not for another few years. I've got some other places on my bucket list that I need to check off.

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TC said...

Glad you guys had a great time in Vegas. I cannot rememmber if we got charged for any of the extras. Probably not, because I woulda flipped, too! I'm glad you discovered the monorail, too. It's the way to go. And if you time your trips right, buying single day passes can work out to be more economical than the multi-day! Vegas is awesome, but I think you guys are a lot like us, and we leave a lot of the wild stuff to the high rollers. The best fun is just being together and marveling at the opulence.