Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Was to be the Day

Today was to have been my last day as an air traffic controller. I was to come in this morning, turn in my headset, sign my retirement papers and be on my way because I'd turned 56 the previous month (mandatory retirement age for controllers). But because of some time spent in Flight Service early on in my career (Flight Service was then one of three control options within the FAA) I have a waiver to work as long as I want to. The exception makes no sense to me but I'm not questioning it. I think I'll hang around a little longer with no apologies to the few that are troubled by this.

When we were out in NYC last week we stopped in at a Verizon store where Rachel and I upgraded our phones to the Droid Maxx which was just released. I haven't yet taken the time to sit down with mine and become totally familiar with it but so far I like what I've seen. It moves between applications and web pages very fast which had become a real problem with my two-year-old Droid Bionic. The battery life of the Maxx is the best I've seen. We were out at the State Fair on Thursday and in the eight hours we were there I was on my phone a good amount sharing texts and photos with Rachel. I got on the bus to come home and I still had 84% of battery life left! Super!

The State Fair was fun as usual but wow was it hot and humid. We did our best to avoid the hot sun and we were happy to see it go down. That's when it really got nice!

And with the closing of the fair the end of summer is surely in sight. I'm actually looking forward to autumn with its cooler temps and hopefully a little rain...but not the falling leaves.

Our sun-porch and deck project is now complete and all that remains to be done is for us to furnish it. We're working on that. We've picked out a 10 x 13 rug to cover most of the beautiful tile work Brian did for us. Having the rug down should go a long way toward eliminating the echos we're getting from the space. We've picked out a sofa and loveseat but we're not all that keen on the fabric colors we've chosen. Karen, who has walked every step of the design process on this project with us offered to accompany us this afternoon when we go back to the furniture store to consider some other colors. We're so grateful for her help!

Rachel has started her own blog titled PersonalPostcard. It's something she's been considering doing for a while so I'm glad she finally got around to putting it together and penning her first post. I'll be curious to see what direction she takes it and how it evolves over time. I'm sure I'd love to comment on all of her posts but I'll try and show some restraint.

I came across something online yesterday that has me intrigued; it's called an ElliptiGO. I was a runner for years but I had to abandon that activity I loved so much because of the damage it was doing to my knees. I also really enjoy working out on our elliptical machine. Combine my love of running, our elliptical machine and my love of riding and it would seem that the ElliptiGO would be the perfect fit. I see one in my future but I think I'll wait until I actually do retire though because I'm not sure where I'd find the time to use it.

I've also been toying with the idea of getting a kayak and a new set of golf clubs. I'm not sure that even retirement will provide me with enough hours in the day to do all that I'm dreaming of but I look forward to finding out. Until then I'm content to keep doing what I'm doing and trying to cram it all into what limited time I have.

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