Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Moving On (Finally) And The Log Bridge Of Certain Death

It's been at least 2 weeks since I've dreamt about my former work in the trenches as an air traffic controller. Dreams about working traffic or making the rounds to say goodbye to people on my last day were common themes. I've also noticed that since the new year began I've let go of any thoughts about missing my old life and the ridiculous schedule I used to keep. I would say that my mourning period is over and I'm free to mentally move on. Perhaps it was getting beyond my planned retirement date of January 2nd, 2016 that I had been working toward when I had to abruptly retire which has allowed me this new peace of mind. Whatever. It's nice.

Pro tip: don't ever question scripture when conversing with a fundamentalist Christian. Never. Biblical inerrancy is the belief that everything in the bible, all scripture, is as it should be. If you do happen to color outside the lines be prepared to be told that "you have hardened your heart against the Lord so bad that there may be no turning back" and that "I'm afraid the only God you serve is the one you created in your mind". Obviously there's a little more to this but suffice to say that I'm a compassionate New Testament Christian going up against a hardline Old Testament Christian.

Is it too much to think that because throughout history man has corrupted everything he's ever been involved with, including the church at the highest levels, that the bible may in some ways reflect man's intentions rather than God's? I think it's foolish and naive to think otherwise. I'll take my chances with God and rely on Jesus to defend me for being human should I be proven to be wrong.

My GoPro Hero 2 is 4 years old and it's served me well but I've been kicking around the idea of replacing it with something better. What's recently captured my interest is the new generation of 360ยบ video cameras making their way onto the scene. Click on the video and if your browser supports it you can drag and change the direction of the view you're seeing. It's a real treat if you're reading this on your phone. Bring up the video and move your phone around in any direction to change your view.

How cool is that!?

Here's another one.

I'm pretty sure both videos were taken with an array of GoPro cameras all pointed in different directions with the video then being stitched together.

Sports models with single or multiple lenses for the average consumer like me won't be too far behind. There's already a few out there but their resolution is lacking as is the amount of video they can store. Until then I'll have to be content to use my trusty GoPro to create memories to look back on years from now.

Winter finally arrived sometime last week in the way of some very cold air and I couldn't be happier about it. For the first time this winter Nine Mile Creek (about two miles west of the Lyndale trailhead) is frozen over and it's safe for us to ride across it rather than walk the log-bridge-of-certain-death to get across. I wondered if it was just me who didn't care much for the tree crossing or if it was generally considered sketchy by others, too. I've talked to two guys who feel safer riding the tree across rather than walking it. That says something. I had been avoiding the trail west of Lyndale all winter but now I'm enjoying complete access to the river trails and loving it!

Wanna see what you're missing?

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