Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Project and Toby is a Hound Dog!

I came home from work yesterday to find Tammy busy ripping out the carpet in our family room. I love the way she's not intimidated by projects such as that. I thought we were going to leave the carpet removal to the crew from the flooring company but she thought it would be an easy way for us to save some money on the project.

I'm at work as I write this and I just noticed a message on my cell. Tammy called to say the workers arrived before 8:00 this morning to do the stairs...a day early. Fortunately she was home to let them in as we weren't expecting them until tomorrow. She said they told her that Above All Hardwood Floors is a very good company. The guys doing the stairs are contracted through them. I did a search on Angie's List and found only positive reports.

Back to Tammy...when I first met her in the spring of 1999 she owned a townhome in Maple Grove. It was a nice quad unit with a basement and fireplace. She did a lot to renovate it in what spare time she had as a single mom working full time as a registered nurse. One of the jobs she did was to re-laminate her countertops. I don't think it's a job I'd have attempted for fear that it would come out looking like an amateur did it but she pulled it off. I'd have never guessed that she would or could have done that. She's not intimidated by those sorts of projects. I find it very sexy. I'm not necessarily intimidated by taking on projects either but the lack of time sort of stifles my motivation.

We thought seriously about doing our hardwood floors on our own but in the end we opted to call in the professionals to let them do what they do. The original plan was to just do the floors in the kitchen and dining area but we decided to also do hardwood in the family room and den as well. I'm afraid that Toby and Allie aren't going to be thrilled with the lack of traction for their chases.

Last week Toby gave a rare public speaking performance. Tammy and Rachel have heard his occasional 'ruff ruff' when he wants attention but they hadn't heard his hound dog bark. I got the video camera out when he was a bit riled by Buddy across the street. Tammy now believes me.

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