Thursday, July 26, 2007

A BestBuy Follow-up and the Project

I just got a call from Adam at the BestBuy corporate office stating that the letter I'd written them last November has come to their attention. BestBuy is apparently aware that they have many unhappy customers. They want to put together a training video to include those disenchanted with their store such as myself to try and educate their workforce about customer satisfaction. Adam wants to bring a film crew to our home and do an interview but they want to do it early next week and we're still in the middle of our flooring project. He suggested that we could possibly meet at their corporate offices in Bloomington. I said I was fine with that. I told him that my experience with them was frustrating beyond belief and that they weren't just words when I told them in my letter that they'd lost a good customer. I mentioned that we'd recently purchased kitchen appliances and never set foot in BestBuy whereas before we'd likely have at least checked out what they have. I mentioned that all I could do was speak with my wallet and that's what I intend to continue to do as well as take him up on his offer to voice my dissatisfaction through their training video.

Our flooring project made a lot of progress over the last few days. The guys finished installing the floor today and a different crew will show up tomorrow to do the sanding. This is where it gets messy. The sanding is supposed to take most of the day and just before they leave they'll put the first coat of poly sealer on. We have to stay off the floor for 5 hours while it drys...we're thinking of heading to the theater to see the Simpson's on opening night. Maybe that's not such a good idea. I have no idea how much demand there will be for the show. Maybe not much at all.

My riding has taken a back seat to our projects around the house. That's quite alright with me as it's nice to see the progress being made around home. I do hope to get out tomorrow for a quick loop into St. Paul. I need that.

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