Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Break-up, the Project and the Miles

I've got a couple of the sweetest pups you could imagine in my lap as I type. I think dogs should be one of the 7 wonders of the world for the unconditional love they have for us.

I was talking with Rachel last week about her noticeable lack of texting and I said I didn't mean to pry but I was wondering if everything was okay between her and Grant? I mentioned that it seemed things had cooled a bit since Homecoming. She said their relationship was a bit rocky and she wasn't sure what to make of it. She planned to see a movie with him last Friday night and get a better feel for which way the wind was blowing. I was curious to see how the night would go.

She phoned when the show was over and I drove to go pick her up. I waited in the truck out front and when she got in the tears began to flow. I felt so bad for her. She said the entire night was awkward. She tried to make small talk but he had nothing to say. She wanted to tell him that maybe they should break it off but knew that if she said those words she'd begin to cry and she didn't want that to happen. I asked her if she could text him and tell him what she felt but she didn't think it should be done that way. I told her that since they go to different high schools it's not quite the same and maybe it would be least I thought it would be okay. It's not like she's going to see him again and his lack of input during their date wasn't helping matters.

I stopped to put gas in the truck on the way home and while I was outside she sent him a text breaking it off. She was crying pretty hard. When we got home she gave Tammy and I each a big hug then went to bed.

Her dad picked her up the next day and while she was away a couple of her friends came by and dropped off some things they'd put together to cheer her up. They obviously spent a bit of time baking the cookies and making the signs. She's got some thoughtful friends.

It's been several days since the break-up and she's already back to her usual self. I never want to discount her relationships as just so much puppy love. I'm not sure how quickly she'll want to get involved with somebody else but I'm pretty sure there are a few guys waiting in the wings for when she's ready. Her life is pretty full as it is without any added distractions.

I finished working on the stained glass project I'd mentioned in my previous entry. Ron was happy with it and that's what matters. Me, I wasn't so thrilled with the design but I'm not paid to like it...just build it. It measures 24 x 30" and Ron is going to mount it on a light box and hang it on the wall above their kitchen sink. I'd like to see it when he gets it hung. It's going to be a few months yet as they're in the beginning stages of a full kitchen remodel with Keith doing the cabinets for them.

One thing this project has taught me is to help give me a better idea of what to charge per square foot. For all the effort and expense which went into this on my part I probably should have figured just a bit more for the final cost. I easily had $120 of my own into the project and I estimated the price to Ron at anywhere from $100 to $125 per square foot. It was easily every bit of $125 sf but I only charged $115 sf. The project presented some problems I didn't anticipate but I didn't feel right passing that on to Ron.

I phoned work today to let them know that I'm ready to return. I've been off Prednisone since Sunday and I'm headache free. In years past that's all they've needed from me to reinstate my medical for working traffic. I've yet to get the green light...hopefully tomorrow. It's been nice being away for the past month and I can't say that I'm ready to go back but I do need to...just in time for the busiest busiest travel week of the year.

I've been able to do a bunch of miles the past several weeks and I'm thankful for that. Being on Prednisone allowed me to ride as I did 30 years ago with no aches to remind me of my age. Many times over the past few weeks I've contemplated what my riding means to me and how grateful I am for that outlet in my life. The weather has been cool but that can make for some ideal conditions if you know how to dress for it and by that I mean not overdress. You want to be cool, verging on cold when you begin your ride knowing that within a few miles if you're working it you'll begin to warm. With too many layers on you'll sweat too much and the clamminess which follows will chill you to the bone.

I began Monday's ride planning on 30-35 miles but once I got out there I scrapped those plans and headed on a route I hadn't taken in a while but one I enjoy a lot. I considered doing one last century ride for the year but I didn't feel that would be so smart my first day off my meds so I brought it home after 70 miles. It was a nice ride and possibly my last longish ride of the year.

I got a start on our outside Christmas lights this afternoon. I'll finish the rest tomorrow. It's always a bigger job than I think it should be but in the end I'm glad I took the time to do it. If I'm going to do the lights I figure this week is the week to do it before the cold weather arrives to stay and makes the job a miserable one. I don't mind doing it with a temp in the 30s and 40s...not the 20s.

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