Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Musings

For the past two weeks I've been trying to politely work with my web-host provider but all of my niceness has gotten me nowhere. The support tickets I've submitted to move the transfer along have been ignored. They've got me over a barrel in that the 'who is' contact information is listed as them rather than me. I never noticed this until now and it may seem like a small detail but when transferring a domain it's vital that the information is that of the domain owner for the process to go through. They're the only ones who can correct it.

The web-host service is Myacen located in Perth, Australia and they're a reseller for a larger company called Enom located in the US. My frustration led me to contact Enom to see if there was any pressure they could bring to bear on Myacen to get them to work with me. It may be working. I'm not out of the woods yet but it appears the prairie grass is coming into view. Enom has the ability to make the necessary changes on their end if Myacen doesn't comply. There are waiting periods involved but at least I'm not dead in the water.

My website is down for now as are a bunch of links in my blog but hopefully I'll have them all back within a few days.

I would've thought that 6 and half years of my loyal support and me bringing Myacen two other clients would be enough for them to allow me to leave on friendly terms. What a way to run a business.

Speaking of running a business; we Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers (you know...the ones who put their careers on the line each time we belly-up to a sector) have ratified a new contract which will go into effect next Thursday, October 1st. It won overwhelmingly with 97% of us voting in favor of ratification. We'll once again be receiving the pay raises that management has been denying us but not denying themselves. Also, we'll once again have a grievance process in place where rogue managers/supervisors won't be allowed to trample over good people undeterred. It's been an arduous journey to get to where we are. This fight we've been forced to wage has done nothing but create a workforce distrustful and disrespectful of management. Again I say, what a way to run a business. (We're not really a business but FAA management likes to say we are. Truth be told, we're a service organization and we have users, not customers.)

I forgot to mention a movie that Tammy and I watched a couple weeks ago called Taking Chance. It's based on true events about a Marine Private who was killed in Iraq and the officer who accompanies his body home. I have to admit that I was ignorant about all that goes into bringing a fallen soldier home and the reverence displayed along the way by those involved. Rent it, you won't be sorry you did.

I recently learned from a friend at work of another park where we can take our pups to walk them; thank you Nick. It's Ritter Farm Park and it's just a few miles from home. I had no idea the park existed. It's not only bigger and nicer than where we've been taking them but it's also free. The only downside for the pups is that there are fewer other dogs to interact with along the way. The park has miles of trails just like the photo to the right. Tammy and I took them out for a 3 mile loop the other day. The other park we take them to is also nice but not nearly as scenic as Ritter or as hilly. The fact that it's half the distance from home sort of makes this a no-brainer for me when it's time to choose a park to take them to.

Charlie turns one year old this coming Tuesday. And to think, he was only supposed to stay for the weekend. He's a Gilmore now and he's pretty much got full run of the house 24/7. We've had no messes from him for nearly two weeks so I think we can officially certify him as housebroken. That was a much more difficult job than we were prepared for. We affectionately refer to him as our 'puppy mill' dog because he's a bit daffy at times. He's got this new thing he does where he quickly backs up when you chase him and he reminds me of a crayfish. Watch the video to see what I mean.

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