Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Indecent Proposal

It's tradition at Rachel's high-school that guys don't simply ask their dates to prom; that would be too easy.

I was leaving the neighborhood on the way to work early one morning recently when I noticed question marks written in chalk every ten feet for a block along 170th street. They stopped at the top of the hill just beyond Jaguar with someone's initials and the word 'Prom?'. I couldn't make out the initials as it was still dark and I was moving too fast for my bleary eyes but I wondered if maybe it was directed at Rachel? I waited until afternoon to text her and see if it was. She hadn't noticed them on her way to school in the morning because the sun was in her eyes but she was quick to admonish me for saying anything because if it was meant for her then I may well have spoiled the surprise. As it turns out it wasn't her invite and she's not sure who it was intended for.

Trina, Rachel's friend across the street, got her prom date request in the form of Skittles spelling out a request on her garage floor to 'follow the rainbow' or some such line which led to a prom date invite inside her home. Trina's parents were in on the plan.

As I was saying in my previous post, these requests are nearly always pre-approved so there's little chance of rejection.

I let the pups out late Sunday night to find Rachel's car covered with yellow post-it notes. It was her prom invite. I looked a little closer in the light of the street lamp and noticed there was writing on several of the notes on her driver's side window, more than simply 'Prom?' and while I waited for the pups to do their thing I read them. I've never been accused of being a prude but the one-liners on the post-it notes left me disappointed in her date for prom. I had Tammy come out and take a look at my find and she proceeded to take them all down with the exception of the only non-crude one there was.

I thought we should show Rachel the notes but Tammy thought otherwise.

I was up the next morning as Rachel headed out for school and got a quick photo of her as she opened the garage door to see that her prom invite had arrived. I didn't want to spoil the moment but I also didn't want her date to think all was well. I mentioned to her that there were a few inappropriate notes left among the post-its and that Mom had removed them. I left it at that figuring she would find out from Alex himself what he'd written; and that's what happened. She explained later that night that Alex felt stupid about what he'd done and intends to apologize to us. I was young once too and did some things I'm not so proud of. 

Our dads' dance practice is moving along fine, in fact I think we're ahead of schedule. As of last night we've made our way through the entire medley of disco songs we'll be dancing to and it's all beginning to come together. We'll be able to work on the finer points (read style) from now until we take the stage in a little over five weeks.

Tammy made a black one-piece jumpsuit for me with silver panels for the flares in the legs and arms. I only hope my dance moves will do it justice but I know that'll never happen.

We had our last glassblowing class tonight and now we're able to book 3 hour blocks of bench time unassisted to work on our skills. I think we'd both like to find experienced people to work with and mentor us (something they recommend) but until then we plan to practice what we've been taught and begin to meet some of the other artists who rent space at the studio. I'm glad we decided to take the class now as I've been wanting this for a while and didn't want it to become another woulda, shoulda, coulda on my list.

A quick plug for Tracee's website...The Black Cat Market. If you're looking for beautiful handcrafted jewelry you may want to check her site out.

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