Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gardening, Glassblowing and Senior Prom

I'll need to blow the dust off my cyclocomputer so I can read the screen next time I go for a ride. My bike and my laptop have been taking a backseat to everything else in my life lately. That's not to be confused with whining as I'm quite content to have these distractions or other areas of interest.

We got up earlier than normal Friday morning for our yearly trip to Gertens with the Kings of Leon providing background music for much of our day. With coffees in hand we strolled through Gerten's doors sometime before 9:00 in hopes of beating the crush of people intent on taking advantage of the first nice day in recent memory to buy and plant flowers.  We have our usual routine and pretty much know where everything we need is at despite how huge the grounds and overwhelming the selection.

It's our time to exchange notes about what worked last year and what didn't as we look over the variety of flowers and mentally plant out our garden spaces in our heads as we load our carts before heading for the checkout.

We arrived home with a full truck bed but it wouldn't be enough. We'd spend the rest of the day planting and would get most of it done but the finishing touches wouldn't be applied until Saturday night. It's nice to have the job behind us for another year.

Saturday morning was another early one as we'd made plans to meet Bill at Foci in Minneapolis to watch him and his glassblowing partner, Lucinda. I'd been there last Saturday but Tammy couldn't be with me so I wanted to come back so she could also see the sort of stuff they were doing. Tammy could now understand why I was so excited when I'd returned home last weekend after watching them. She wants to get back in the studio again beginning this coming week. She'll get no resistance from me.

Here's a set of photos I took from the morning. I also filmed Bill creating a vase as Lucinda assisted him. The video doesn't capture the early stages where color is applied to the glass before the first gather but you get a good idea of the phases needed to mold the glob of glass into something useful; in this case, a vase.

Rachel's senior year is quickly winding down. She finished her AP tests last week and for the most part, is on cruise control for the remainder of the school year. Her prom was last night and we were along for the ride up until all the kids climbed aboard a chartered bus for dinner at the Mall of America and then on to their prom in St Paul. Tammy did a great job on her gown; I don't know that I've ever seen her more beautiful.

Photos and video from yesterday afternoon.

Speaking of being along for the ride, Tammy mentioned today how we've been living vicariously through her. She's absolutely right. It's been a fun journey these last four years as she's experienced so much through both high school and church. I don't know how we're going to manage without her so central to our daily lives but we will. I suppose on some level our glassblowing will serve to help occupy our time as we adjust to life as empty-nesters.

Until then, we've got a senior party to plan.

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