Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lots to Find

I've been a Mac user since last summer. I have no regrets about making the decision to leave my Toshiba laptop and its frustrating slowness behind. However, I have a few PC based programs that I continue to run on my Mac through the use of VMware Fusion. Macs have a program called Bootcamp that allows you to run PC based programs by dedicating a portion your hard-drive for that purpose but the only downside is that the Mac and PC platforms can't be run simultaneously. VMware Fusion fixes all that.

One such program that can't be used on my MacBook Pro without VMware is a lava lamp that I like to have on my desktop. It's soothing as a lava lamp should be but best of all it's very realistic. Here's a link for those of you with PC platform capabilities. Check out this screen-capture. When you get it installed, right click and go to configure to adjust the size and color. I use 3x and random.

Rachel is back home from college for the summer. Tammy and I took both of our vehicles on the 75 mile drive in the rain Saturday afternoon to get her.

We parked in front of her apartment building (see the campus straight ahead in the photo) and were met by several of her friends all carrying armfuls of her stuff for the move home.

From her class of around 100 students, about 20 won't be continuing on in the school next year which they say is typical.

It's been a full year for her as she's been involved in so many things in addition to the basic requirements of school. From Rochester Student Affairs representative where she sits in on faculty meetings, to ballroom dancing and now having recently been elected as a school ambassador, she keeps a very full schedule. A few days ago she posted on her Facebook wall "You know its been a good year when no one wants to leave!"

Click on the photo if you haven't already. It's a poster-board drawing Rachel did during the course of the school year using mostly Crayola markers. There's lots to find. Things to look for: Her roommates' names; her room number, 602; flowers which represent Organic Chemistry; Apples which signify Stats; a tree for Psychology; Jenna's frying pan which got burned; a hookah pipe one of the boys had; Thingamajig dolls; their transsexual beta fish, Scooter; mascaraed party masks; Easter eggs; former roommate; Rochester Raptor mascot and a bunch more other stuff, all of it having some meaning and not just a random doodle. I think it's really well done. She said to comment here if you have any questions about anything in particular that you see and are curious about.

On the way out of town, we stopped by the house (4 blocks from school) she'll be renting with 4 other girls next year. It won't be as nice as the digs they've been accustomed to during their year in Rochester but they wanted to make the break from the campus and find a place of their own. And it'll be cheaper.

Rachel and I drove together following Tammy. I offered to ride solo and let them chat along the way but Tammy said she was getting into her music and that Rachel could ride with me. There was no argument as I love that sort of time with her. I don't think there was more than a 5 second period of quiet between us the entire way home with so much to catch up on.

We stopped at the DQ in Cannon Falls for dinner and I noticed that Tammy's voice was hoarse. I asked her what was wrong. She smiled and said she'd been singing too loudly on the drive. Neil Young if I'm not mistaken.

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