Monday, August 1, 2011

Rachel Time and Fallen Angels

I had a very full week last week. I skipped out of work on Tuesday to go with Rachel to Rochester where she had some things to take care of. During our time there we spent several hours walking around the city together chatting the day away. I absolutely love spending time with her. There's a part of Rachel that's still very much young-adult-like but there's another side of her that is so mature beyond her years. I like the mix. Add to that her faith, humor, creativeness, and kindness and it's not hard to see why I sometimes go on and on about her here or in conversation with whomever. She's been such a blessing in my life.

When it comes to spending time with her I don't hesitate to clear my schedule.

She's in for a change this school year. She'll no longer be living in her fancy digs at BridgeStreet with its room-service and made to order breakfasts, instead, she'll be renting a home with 4 other women from college just a few blocks from the campus. It's what she wanted and I don't think she could be more excited for the school year to begin.

Tammy and I both struggled in the studio on Thursday. I'm blaming the humidity. I think I managed to get only one decent piece in the annealer; Tammy may have done a little better. But that's okay because it only makes us more determined to show up again for our next session at the bench and try even harder.

I got out Friday afternoon for a longish ride southwest to St Peter and back home through Chaska. (ride video) Time on my bike is unlike any other alone-time for me in terms of working through my thoughts and I've usually got many. There are no distractions and I can literally go for hours without any interruption from the outside world other than passing cars and the occasional text message. My blog often helps me organize those thoughts.

Why are there fallen angels?

That was the question I was pondering Friday as I worked my way north on highway 169 out of St Peter. It's not the first time I've wondered this. I can't imagine how an angel, a being that I would guess has a vastly more intimate understanding of God than any of us here on earth, would ever go to the dark side. I don't get it. I have a friend who suggested it may be the desire for power. That makes as much sense to me as anything I can think of. But then I have to wonder if there will be choices for us in heaven? More of our free will to get us into trouble? Lust for money or sex seems to be the biggest downfalls for many here in this life. Without those obstacles in the afterlife to cause sin maybe it won't be so bad. I've never been one who was desirous of power (other than on my bike) so I should be good-to-go.

We celebrated our 12th anniversary on Saturday. Actually that's not quite right; Rachel and I celebrated it because Tammy had to work. (In a few years when we're both retired, Tammy and I can look forward to never having to worry about work getting in the way of our special days and every day will be Saturday!)

Rachel made all the arrangements. We headed into St Paul for sushi at Sakura Restaurant and Bar then took in the Owl City concert at Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St Paul. Unwed Sailor and Mat Kearney were the two opening bands. I was there to see Mat but left with a new-found appreciation for Unwed Sailor. Just an excellent vocals, only instruments.

We called Tammy between shows and Rachel apologized to her for stealing me on our anniversary night. I thought that was cute. But as Tammy had said earlier in the day, I didn't just marry her; I brought someone else into my life too...someone I wouldn't trade for the world.

Have I ever told you about my daughter?

Photos from our wedding day


Marielle said...

Great post!!! So much fun here :) lots of great pics!

LOVE the Owl City video!! What's the name of the song?

All so great...lovely wedding. And oh my do I see a card? haha... ;)

We want more, we want more...just saying...

Kevin said...

Haha...yes, you see a card there...thanks again for that!

I'm not sure what the name of the Owl City song is. I'll ask Rachel because she's more familiar with their music.

Marielle said...

Please ask :) I would like to know!

The first pic is really cool! What is it?

/Miss Curious...

Kevin said...

The photo is of a piece donated by glass artist Dale Chihuley. It's really quite impressive to see but just a little bit dusty. Rachel was saying that they had to train people to disassemble, clean and reassemble the pieces.

The Owl CIty song is called Lonely Lullaby. Here's a link on YouTube with the lyrics.

Marielle said...

Thank you so much :) It´s added to my playlist now! Really good song!

Oh and he sings about my mother...(Anne-Marie)...not the most common name I think...funny... :)