Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adele, Thanks to Al

My vacation days for the year are winding down as is my birthday. I've had some nice time off this summer but this past week has been just so-so. I picked up a head-cold on Monday and have been fighting it since. I can't recall the last time I was sick like this in August.

We had four hours of bench time scheduled at Foci this morning that we had to cancel. I didn't feel right about going in there and spreading germs through the blowpipes. I don't know of anybody who sanitizes them and unless you've got your own (which we don't) you take your chances with the shop pipes. I suppose it's possible that it's where I picked up this bug in the first place.

We continue to make steady progress at Foci. We're still just scratching the surface as we acquire the basic skills but we can see improvements from month to month. I started a set on our Flickr page where I'm uploading photos of our work and sequencing them in order from newest to oldest so we'll be able to see the progression over time a little more easily. Most of the pieces in the set are from the last six weeks or so. Our early, primitive stuff isn't in there.

We brought Rachel back to Rochester Tuesday afternoon to begin her sophomore year at the University of Minnesota, Rochester (UMR). I think she's had a nice summer with us but she's been chomping at the bit to resume the life she'd put on hold last spring. We're happy for her but Tammy was still a little melancholy a few days later missing her presence. But unlike last year there were no tears during our goodbyes; in fact, I think she was anxious for us to leave. It's just a guess but there may have been some plans in the works for her to entertain a few of her friends in her new digs after we left. Who could fault her?

I was disappointed a few weeks ago when Adele tickets went on sale because even though I was online trying to purchase them the second they went on sale I was left without. I'd even tried to score a single ticket but that too was fruitless. I'd posted a status update to my Facebook the night before the concert expressing my disappointment that I wouldn't be attending. My friend Al saw my post and suggested that I try again to see if tickets had become available. That wasn't something I'd considered. I wasn't interested in going through a second party and paying an inflated price. Al said that "Tickets are often held for the performers, promoters, etc. and if they don't all get used, they are put back on sale." What did I have to lose? I called around 10:00 the day of the show but there was still nothing. I tried again around 2:00 and got a nice surprise! I snagged two tickets on the left side of the stage 3 rows up from the floor. They were actually very nice seats.

Tammy isn't as much a fan as I am of Adele but she was excited to go. We went for dinner at Cossetta's and stood in line for a half hour before getting our food and finding seats. Cossetta's is worth the wait and that's the reason for the line.

The opening act was Wanda Jackson who I'm embarrassed to say I knew nothing of. The woman seated next to me told me that she's a legend; the first woman to make it big in rock music; rockabilly specifically. I did not know that. She was entertaining I suppose but her music didn't do much for either of us.

Adele took the stage at 8:50 and played for around 90 minutes. She was so good and lived up to even my highest expectations. She was very personable with the crowd which was fun to see. She's so poised for 23.