Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Charlie, and Still Paddling

I remember in the '70s when Biorhythms were popular for a time. I never took them seriously but perhaps I should as mine most definitely reflect a downturn for me since the 22nd of September when I crashed my bike and was injured. Couple that with a cluster headache phase and I have reason enough for feeling down but I'm seeing an upturn in my graph so I'll press on.

Charlie turned 6 on Tuesday! It's hard to believe, not just because time has passed so quickly but because he doesn't act his age. He's so much more a pup than a 6-year-old and that's what's so entertaining about him. I have to do my part to keep him young-like so when he brings me a toy to play with I do my best to engage him and not ignore him. He needs and really enjoys that.

I can't believe that it actually took me a little while (many months) to fully warm up to this little guy. My main concern was Toby and how Charlie's presence was upsetting to him. Toby would eventually come around but not for a few years.

Charlie makes his debut!

It's been 11 days since I crashed my bike but it wasn't until just this afternoon that I can finally move around without some ridiculously debilitating pain in my lower left back contorting my movements and making me to look like someone seemingly decades older. I'm thankful for the relief. There's still a sharp pain that continues but nothing near what it was. I'll call Walgreens tomorrow and cancel my refill of Hydrocodone that I had standing by in case I needed it.

I'm seeing a chiropractor in the morning who also specializes in acupuncture and comes highly recommended by a friend. I don't know that he can do anything more for me than what my body will do for itself as it heals but I'm willing to let him try. I've never had acupuncture but have heard some very good things about it. If it will aid in my healing I'm all-in.

If nothing else, all of this sitting around the house has reinforced in me that a person has to have a game-plan for when they retire; I'll need to have a reason to get myself out of bed in the morning other than to check Facebook or to be online or just hanging out with my Kindle (which has pretty much been the extent of my activity lately). I can see where this routine would grow tiring very quickly, at least for me. Not being able to workout has put a definite crimp in my style but the pups seem to be content with my new-normal.

I got a phone call yesterday morning from a friend who retired from ATC nearly one year ago. Dave is loving his new life as a full-time student learning web design. He talked about how refreshing it is to wake up in the morning excited to take on the day and throw himself into his studies. It's a feeling that was missing for way too long for him.

We spoke at length about our careers and the pressures associated with the work; pressures that I've always been very good at minimizing but lately am more willing to acknowledge. He likened his career to a guy negotiating a raging river of rapids in a canoe, careening from one obstacle to the next while paddling madly to keep his line and stay upright. The raging river eventually opens up into the most serene lake setting where the stresses of what he'd just come through are left behind and he can begin to truly enjoy life at his own pace. What a great description!

I'm still in the rapids of my career but I do sense that quiet lake not too far ahead. I'd be less than honest if I didn't say that this past week off has had me considering tossing in the towel now but I've always told myself that I won't make this decision from a point of weakness if I could avoid it.

I'd like to get my biorhythms back up to normal and survey the landscape once more for that serene lake before deciding to stop paddling.

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