Sunday, November 30, 2003

Sunday Morning

What a beautiful day! So beautiful that snow will melt and that's a good thing. Tammy's reading the Star Tribune and I just got done with my bible reading for the day...Toby and Allie are barking and chasing each other around the house.

Bible reading...two years ago our church challenged the members to follow a study guide which would have you read the entire bible in a year. We did that and have continued our daily reading into this year. I've really struggled with much of what I've read in the Old Testament. It was such a barbaric time where women were treated as goods and not afforded rights we take for granted. I still struggle with King David. He was far from perfect but he would kill others for lesser offenses than those which he himself committed. Fortunately for me, my bible does a very good job of explaining the context within which what I'm reading was written. Without the explained background of the times, it would be difficult to just accept things on their face. Tammy is also a good source of understanding.

My faith is very important to me and has been for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure even my closest friends (not that there are many) know its role in my life. It's not something I'm embarrassed by but it's also not something I beat people over the head with. I'm not much of an evangelist, I know.

I got called into work for an overtime shift yesterday. That's a good thing as that should pay for the softener I bought Mom this week. :)

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