Friday, February 11, 2005

A fun day

Rachel and I went skiing to Welch Village today. Each winter we try and get away at least once. She plays hooky from school and we spend a day on the slopes when nobody else is there. It was a beautiful day with the temp near 40 and the snow plentiful. She's a natural on skis. It may be that all her years of dance class has given her such good balance which translates well to the slopes. We went out once together last year and my concern then was that she knew no fear and carried too much speed for her ability. She wasn't that way today. She always kept her speed in check and showed good awareness of others around her. Our plan is to buy her skis and boots for her birthday and possibly a season pass to Buck Hill next winter. We have a fun time out there together. It's nice because we spend the whole day talking about whatever is on her mind. We called it quits after 5 hours because she needed to save her legs for an early morning dance practice. The dance practices require a lot of her and it's not something she takes lightly. It worked out well for me too as I didn't want to push myself too much and risk injury because of tiredness.

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