Monday, May 30, 2005

What's New?

It's good to feel the sun on me when I'm out on the road...the heat helps too. It's been cloudy, rainy and cool almost all of the month of May. The sun and heat are exactly what I need to help lift my spirits. Coming off the prednisone took a solid month and I think I'm totally back to normal as of a few days ago.

Rachel had a violin recital a couple weeks ago. It was the first time she played with an orchestra. The piece wasn't very difficult according to her and she really enjoyed the experience. She was sitting next to the first violinist who is also the most senior member of the Dakota Valley Symphony. She had some nice compliments for Rachel. I asked if she gave her any pointers but she didn't. Rachel was hoping she might. Tammy and I were so proud of her.

The weekend before last was Rachel's dance recital weekend. She did four performances over three days. She's so poised up there. I asked her how she feels being on stage and she said she's not nervous at all and that she actually enjoys it. She was sad when the weekend was over, wishing she could do it all over again. Tammy's parents made their once yearly journey into town to watch her dance. We meet them about 90 miles north of the cities and drive them in as Tammy's dad isn't comfortable driving the busy freeways anymore.

Last week was a busy outdoor week for Tammy and I as we spent a couple days buying flowers and getting them planted. It's always such a big job but it looks so nice. I should get some photos in a few weeks when they've had a chance to grow some.

We went to see Star Wars over the weekend. I'd never seen a Star Wars movie and Tammy has seen them all. Yes, I was doing it for her. I saw all the hype the show was getting in the media so I imagined it was going to be pretty good. I imagined wrong. Okay, the special effects and all are pretty cool but that alone can't carry a movie. The fight scenes with the lightsabers were all the same. According to Tammy, it was all too predictable. She was telling me not even halfway into the movie how it was going to turn out. She was right and I didn't mind her guesses as it was becoming a bit ho-hum to me. We also rented The Aviator. That was the one movie I wanted to see in our new entertainment room. It was pretty good. Actually, there's a second disc which comes with the DVD which includes the History Channel's one hour documentary about him. That too was quite good.

Okay, back to work.

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