Monday, February 20, 2006

Stained Glass

We've been busy working on a stained glass project for our basement. I was hoping to be a little further along than we are but it's very tedious work with no way to rush it. Once we finalized the last of three drawings it didn't take long for us to get busy. Tammy cut all the pattern pieces out and I got busy pasting them to the glass and cutting and getting cut. The hardest part so far has been trying to get the background glass to flow from one area to the next. I bought some beautiful Youghiogheny stipple glass for the background and I would think that two sheets would be enough but I'm finding that it's still a challenge finding just the right glass for the right area. There are so many tiny pieces but I like working that way as you seldom if ever see anyone else work that way. It takes a lot more effort but for something which will be around for years or decades to come, a little extra effort isn't such a big deal. I hope to have the first window done this weekend.

I've spent the last few weeks redoing all of the Navy photos on my website. When I first set up the pages a few years ago I was trying to keep the photo sizes smaller so people on a dial-up connection could easily download them. I was never happy with the quality so I decided to do them all over again with larger file sizes. They turned out nice. I got an email from somebody who also served on the Fresno before my time thanking me for the photos and the trip down memory lane. That's why I do it.

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