Sunday, April 9, 2006

Contract Talks and Riding

We've been in contract talks with the FAA management since last July and this past week the talks came to a halt and an impasse was declared. This isn't the end of the world but it does signal the end of status-quo. We've enjoyed several years of prosperity as air traffic controllers and now management is looking to get back some of our gains. Where it will hurt most is in our retirement pay as any pay raises we see for the next five years will be seen as bonuses paid out in lump sums and not to be used as part of our base pay for annuity purposes...boring stuff so I'll stop writing about it.

I've been finding my form on my bike...I went out for a 70 mile ride yesterday. My Edge 305 has been good at helping me squeeze more out of my workouts.

The poll numbers continue to fall for Bush. So let's see...continued negative reporting and nothing but hate Bush talk from the left...hmmm...I'm not surprised. Not to compare President Bush to Jesus but Jesus also suffered a turn of public opinion in only a few short days which led to his crucification. He rode into Jerusalem amid the praises of the people only to be led to the cross a few days later amid the shouts of "crucify Him". There is a mob mentality at work in our country and it is bringing us all down.

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