Monday, February 19, 2007

Mosaics, Aleah, 24 and GIGO

Tammy and I had a date-day last Friday. She mapped out a tour of the parade of homes which runs for the next few weeks and we spent the afternoon touring homes we'll never be able to afford. We were mostly just looking for ideas for flooring as we're planning to do wood floors where we currently have linoleum. I've got most of the month of August off so we'll be looking to take the project on then. We're also planning to replace the carpet on the main level. I can't say that we found a wood floor that stood out for us but we saw several which were very bleah. I think we'll know the right floor when we see it. It was a fun way to get out and spend some time together.

One thing I found which I thought was pretty cool was a mosaic inlaid in some flooring. It looked to be a combination of glass, ceramic and resin. I could see myself being good at doing something like that but there really isn't any place in our home for it. Tammy and I have been talking about replacing our asphalt driveway in a few years with cobblestones. She mentioned that she'd like to do some sort of mosaic design within the stones. We'll pay someone to come in and prep the surface and lay the stone ourselves. I don't think there's anything too difficult about it—sort of an extension of what we already do with stained glass.

My niece and her family are going through a difficult time. As a teenager, Aleah began to suffer seizures and was put on medication to control them. She's been fine for the last 7 years but that all changed one morning last week when she had another episode. It will be 6 months before she's able to drive again and regain her independence. Not only that but I have to believe there is a nagging component associated with the whys. There is no warning for her at the onset so there's no chance for her to get herself into a safe position when they occur. Aleah is a go-getter and not one to sit on the sidelines for very long. My mother (Aleah's grandmother) has been staying with them for the last few days to help out.

Okay, I finally finished watching the last episode of 24, season 4. I've been using most of my break time at work to watch them and I'll say that they certainly suck you in. For me, the 4th season has been the best. I have to laugh at anything ATC related though as they take a lot of liberties with the script in that area and others. Okay, the entire show is unrealistic but it's still fun to watch. I wonder how many write-in votes David Palmer got for president in the last election?

Speaking of elections—man, it seems way too soon to be gearing up for another. I don't think I have to the stomach for much of it this time around. What a shock it is that Bush's poll numbers are at record lows. jk. I got an email this week which most will dismiss but has a certain degree of truth and agrees with what I've been saying all along...

Tokyo Rose During World War II -- the Japanese developed a way to demoralize the American forces. Psychological warfare experts developed a message they felt would work. They gave the script to their famous broadcaster "Tokyo Rose" and every day she would broadcast this same message packaged in different ways, hoping it would have a negative impact on American GI's morale.

What was that demoralizing message? It had three main points:

1. Your President is lying to you.

2. This war is illegal.

3. You cannot win the war.

Does this sound familiar?

Is it because Tokyo Hillary, Tokyo Harry, Tokyo John, Tokyo Teddy, Tokyo Nancy, etc. have picked up the same message and are broadcasting it on Tokyo CNN, Tokyo ABC, Tokyo CBS, Tokyo NBC, etc., to our troops?

The only difference is that they claim to support our troops before they demoralize them. Come to think of it, Tokyo Rose told the troops she was on their side, too!

I find it difficult to disagree with the writer. The news media is sometimes referred to as the 4th branch of government, there to inform the people. That's all good until there is an imbalance in what they're broadcasting. GIGO, the computer acronym comes to mind—garbage in garbage out. I know it's an unrealistic expectation but what do you suppose would be the poll numbers with respect to Bush and the war if there was balanced coverage, both the good and the bad? Do you suppose there would be a significant difference from what we're seeing? Absolutely.

Toby has a new toy—the vacuum cleaner nozzle. Actually, it's not all that new as he's been carrying the thing around for the last few months. He's got other toys but none as prized as this one. It must be the long bristles on it. I can't figure it out. I snapped this photo today as I was on the couch with Allie and he came and sat down next to us. He's such a nut.

Driving home from work today I saw a sign flashing 41 degrees. I wanted to get out and ride but I've been out the past 3 days and figured I'd put my feet up and plan to get out tomorrow when I'll have more daylight to work with. The silver lining in all those below zero days we had is that anything above 30 degrees seems a beautiful day to ride. Perspective changes everything.


Oberon said...

......hi kevin.....i'm a pilot since age in cottage grove....funny meeting you here....air traffic must drive you i fly rc planes.....what fun.

Kevin Gilmore said...

hello oberon...yes, the internet has a way of connecting people unlike anything else. how did you stumble upon my blog? do you still fly?