Sunday, April 15, 2007

It Truly Is a Small World and Glory Revealed

Okay, I've heard enough about Don Imus and Anna Nicole to last ten lifetimes.

I'm much more concerned about what's happening to our honeybees—really. There have been a few stories recently about beekeepers going out to their hives to find them abandoned when just a short time earlier they'd been thriving. To most of us, honeybees are a nuisance but the reality is that without them we'd starve. I don't think it can be stated strongly enough what they mean to our existence. We don't usually think of ourselves as being dependent on something so small but the reality is that we are.

Tammy and I made it to the American Craft Show in St Paul on Friday. It's a yearly thing we try to do although we don't always make it. They've got the best collection of glass artists you'll find and each year they seem to add more. Every time we go I get re-inspired to take the leap into glass blowing. My guess is that my glass blowing dream won't be realized before I hang up my headset at work...another six years I'd guess.

While at the fair I heard some guitar music around the corner. We headed that way and I saw a guy with the most beautiful lamps made of wood...turned on a lathe. I immediately recalled an east coast friend from an online forum who spoke of a friend of his who made this sort of lamp. Being that artists come from all over the country for this craft fair I had to wonder if this could be the guy Gene spoke of. I asked him if he knew Eugene Benjamin and a big smile came across his face. Of course, he knew Gene he said. He then told me how they met...he was in a park playing a banjo and Gene was riding by on his bike. Gene stopped to chat and that was the beginning of their friendship. Six degrees of separation or it's a small world—take your pick.

We were at Maranatha Hall at Northwestern College in St. Paul this past Friday to see the Glory Revealed tour. Mac Powell from Third Day, Shane and Shane (who you're listening to now if you clicked the link at the beginning of this post), Brian Littrell, Tim Neufeld, and some others collaborated on a CD and are touring the country together. I was able to get us some seats in the 3rd row, left of center stage. Rachel had planned to go with us but had to cancel out so Tammy's sister, Theresa, took her seat. We had a nice time. I, of course, brought my video camera so I'd have something to add to my YouTube account. Here's a video I took of Shane and Shane performing the song I began this post with. I love this song.

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