Monday, October 5, 2009

Homecoming and Another Project Completed

David Crowder, Shadows ....Mp3 or Wma

I was finally able to get our website moved over to the new host service at GoDaddy.  I think I'll take a pass on resellers for web space in the future.  The only casualty in the move was my other blog detailing our basement remodeling project from five years ago.  I forgot that I'd used my website to host the data and it was lost when the switchover occurred.  Fortunately, I was able to resurrect it with archived data on Blogger. It lives onIt was ranking highly on searches for basement makeovers so I'd like to leave it out there.

Last weekend was Homecoming for Rachel's high school, Lakeville North.  It's a time for her to use her artistic talents as she decorates her Homecoming pants.  I've no doubt she has at least 30 hours of work into these and it shows with all the detail.  I'll never forget years ago after she finished her pants and put them on to model them for me.  I got to looking at them and down the back of her legs she'd written 'Pathers Rule' rather than 'Panthers Rule'.  She was able to fit the 'n' in and roll with it.  They still looked great.

She'd intended to go to the Homecoming dance with Josh but they broke up last August.  A guy from her Mock Trial group asked her instead.  She enjoyed the time out with Tom and her group of friends but I think she's enjoying her singleness for now.  Photos.  The photo session was a bit over-the-top but I was happy to go along and watch.  I think I was more interested in watching the parents do their thing trying to capture the perfect shot.

If you clicked on the music link at the beginning of this post you've been listening to the latest from David Crowder.  His music is Christian oriented and for me it's some of the best new stuff out there.  We've seen him and his band three times and will be seeing them again later this month at of all places, our church.

We're now happily working under our new contract at work.  The pay raises won't kick in until after the new year but all other aspects of the contract are in play.  I came back to work yesterday and it was nice to see my coworkers comfortably plying their trade in jeans and tennis shoes.  With the imposed work rules we'd been operating under the past three years management said we needed to dress business casual so as not to erode public confidence.  The only erosion of public confidence if anybody was paying attention was with respect to those leading our agency (with the exception of Obama's appointees) and the distractions they were creating.  But hey, they're dressed nicely.

Keith and Dave came by last Friday and installed cabinets in our garage.  It was an all day job that included some electrical work.  Dave (also an air traffic controller) did the electrical.  I couldn't be happier with the job Keith did putting these together.

Finishing our garage wasn't on our 'to do' list this year but was inspired by a trip to Sears for a Father's Day present...a rolling tool chest.  While back in the tool department I got to looking at examples of finished garages and thoughts of something similar for our garage began to fill my head.  I spent some time with Keith and gave him what ideas I had and let him expand on them.  The project has been a few months in the making and for the most part is now complete.  All that's left is the tweaking and that could take years of hanging out in the garage.  I don't know that the job is actually ever finished.

Roll the video.


Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely AWESOME!I'm jealous of all your new found space. Putting it away will be half the fun!

Kevin said...

I've got lots of stuff to go through and no doubt a bunch to let go of. Wiping of layers of dust is also part of the process. It'll be nice to have it all put away.