Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Send-off for Bob and Tilt Shift Photography

In the next few years we're going to see lots of people retire from our ranks in the FAA as the huge bubble of people who hired on after the PATCO strike in August 1981 become eligible. We've already seen quite a few leave but nowhere near the amount that will retire in the next 3-5 years. A friend from work, Rob, was telling me that there's a study of air traffic controllers that says for each year a controller stays on the job beyond age 50, they lose one year of life. I tried to find the study online but wasn't able to. I suppose that for some there's truth in those numbers but I'm not going to make any plans based on them. My intention has always been to work until age 56.

Bob retired last July but any sort of retirement party for him must have been overshadowed by vacations and warm, sunny weather. Rex organized a small, somewhat surprise get-together for Bob yesterday at RJ's in Hastings. There were maybe a dozen of us who showed up for lunch and beer and a couple hours together to wish Bob well in his retirement. Bob is that little voice on my Facebook who keeps reminding me that the waters of retirement are fine and to jump on in. One of these days/years I'll join him and I intend to do it in the form of a cannonball off the three-meter board, but I just ate lunch so I have to wait at least an hour before going in the water.

With broadband internet connections so widely available now it seems we're all experiencing a variety of videos like never before. Of all the videos I've seen (and it's quite a few) I do have one that stands out above all others (thanks to a link from my nephew, Tristan). The style of this video is called "tilt-shift" and I'd never heard of it before. It's where the depth of field of the image/video is very shallow, blurring the edges and giving it the illusion that its closeup photography of a miniature scene; also referred to as "miniature faking". Done in the right setting it can have some very interesting results. Check this out—be sure your audio is up.


The music also adds a nice feel to it and it seems the video was maybe edited around the lyrics at times. If you checked out the links under the video you'll see that he's got several others uploaded. Here's my 2nd favorite of his called Bathtub V.

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