Sunday, January 31, 2010

Senior Slide, Sushi & Stuff

Rachel is beginning to do the senior-slide. She's got her college acceptance out of the way and has pretty much accomplished all (and more) that she set out to do going into high school. Her GPA isn't as important to her now as it was last year at this time. She's still putting in some late hours though between teaching dance some nights until after 9:00 then hurrying home to finish whatever homework she may have. She thought she was going to have to pull an all-nighter last week but her project came together much more quickly than she thought it would. It's cheesy but it's cute.

I put the finishing touches on the third of six panels above our entertainment center over the weekend. This one as well as the next three are all going to be less work than the first two as they're not as wide. Plus, we're getting into a nice rhythm and making much quicker work of each successive panel.

The three of us headed out to Southern Theater in Minneapolis last Thursday night to watch the play/dance, 1/2 Life. The performance, while interesting left a bit to be desired but the sushi dinner at Koyi Sushi Too before the show was excellent. I think I may have tried sushi once before but if I did it must've been forgettable. We had an order of John Waynroll, Dynamite and Lose Your Worries. Excellent! We're going to start looking for sushi restaurants to check out south of the river.

Not so long ago when I was a mileage junkie I was outdoors on my bike all winter long banging out the miles. Today, I'm content to spend time on my rollers in our basement. It reduces my overall mileage totals for the year as I don't include 'roller' miles with my 'road' miles. Still, it's an excellent way to stay in shape during the off-season in addition to developing a smooth pedaling rhythm.

For me to be conditioned to hit the roads this spring and ready for some longer efforts early on it's necessary to begin gearing up now and that calls for some extra longish efforts like yesterday's 4:22:48, 100 mile workout. I climbed off feeling good about my week of training. I needed this ride to break out of the 40-50 mile routine I've grown accustomed to.

I was kept company on the ride by Lance Armstrong and the rest of the peloton from the 2004 Tour de France as Lance rode to his 6th consecutive win. A most excellent way to spend a Minnesota winter afternoon.


Jackie said...

So cute Rachel. I wish I knew the words. Good job! You deserve to finally slide for a change. It must feel good to relax a bit.

Kevin said...

The song is about being thirsty and pleading with the waiter (camarero) for something to drink.

mpdawg said...

BTW, I told everyone in the area today that you were abusing SL.

I just had this feeling you weren't REALLY sick so, under the bus you went. ;-)

Kevin said...

Don't think that thought hadn't crossed my mind today...and you wouldn't have been lying. I got a lot done too.

Tim said...

What is wrong with you people?!

After Kev's letter to Rain Man you know Big Brother is watching!