Monday, March 15, 2010

March Melt and More

I went around our home early Saturday afternoon moving our clocks forward so as to make the loss of an hour less of a shock to my internal clock. I had the following text conversation with Rachel Saturday night while she was at her dad's house.

Me: clocks get moved ahead tonight
Rachel: what time?
Me: you have to get up at 2 am and move them
Me: set your alarm
Rachel: so wait, if i set my alarm on my phone for 8 so i can leave at 9...will it still be the same time?
Me: won't be
Rachel: why not?
Rachel: ahh so confusing
Me: because it has to be done at 2 am or it doesn't count
Me: plus its the law
Rachel: :( urajerk
Me: hahaha

I spent most of my weekend down in the shop working on the 4th of 6 stained glass panels for our entertainment center. It was a rainy weekend for the most part so I wasn't feeling the tug of my bikes all that much. I got called in Friday night for an all night overtime shift so any motivation I may have had for a Saturday ride was all but gone. I made enough progress on the window that I should be able to finish it in the next couple weeks and my guess is I'll probably wrap up work in the shop at that point until next winter. Each year I tell myself that this will be the year I find time to still dabble in glass work during the summer but after the winter we've just had I can guarantee this won't be the summer. I'll be indoors as little as possible.

The big melt is on and for the last few days our sump pumps have been kicking in with great regularity; at one point, every few minutes. Another week like last week weather-wise should be the end of our snow cover but this is Minnesota and there's still several weeks of winter to get through so I don't want to get too far ahead of myself mentally.

We've begun thinking about Rachel's graduation party which we're planning to host the 3rd Saturday in June. I'd like to put together a couple DVDs of photos and video from her life to have playing in the background on our sets in the garage and family room. In addition to what all we'll serve Rachel's plan is to have some ethnic food from both her mother and father's side; lefse and egg-rolls. Tammy makes lefse and her father makes egg-rolls so we've got that part covered. We may enlist my mom to make some Swedish meatballs although there's no Swede in any of us. Trying to keep everything chilled will easily be the trickiest part. We may have to beg for some refrigerator space from a neighbor or two.

I want to add some simple 'tooltips' to some of the thumbnail photos on the site for Keith's shop; the sort where you can read a description of the photo when you hover your mouse over it. For my family's website I've used the 'alt tag' function to add descriptions for thumbnail photos and while this works fine for Internet Explorer it's not so simple with Firefox or other browsers. In Firefox you need to right-click and view properties to see the description which is too cumbersome for what I want.

I thought I could embed some simple Javascript (JQuery specifically) to get the job done but Javascript is more involved than simple HTML coding I've done so I've decided to try and learn it from the ground up with a Javascript for Dummies book. I'm not very far yet but I'm excited about learning something new and have wanted to study this for a while but I didn't really have a need to. Now I do.

Speaking of learning new things; Tammy and I drove up to Foci studios on Thursday to pick up the paper weight projects we made last weekend. They look like big cat-eye marbles; about what I expected. While we were there we watched a guy (Steve) make the most beautiful bowl with help from a couple other artists. We're both at the beginner stage where we're still trying to figure out how the massive glowing orange blob of glass at the end of the rod is shaped and colored so it's incredibly interesting to watch. Steve has only been blowing glass for four years but you'd never guess it by looking at some of the work he's done. Beautiful stuff.

As soon as we got home I went online and singed us up for glass blowing classes that will run for five weeks beginning in April. I'm excited about jumping into this but I'm also just a little intimidated by the thought that one or both of us may have little or no talent for the art and that would be disappointing. We're about to find out.


webado said...

Kevin, use the title attribute for an image in addition to the alt attribute. Then you will see the description when you hover over the image.

Kevin said...

Christina~~after your suggestion I found a screen tip function under hyperlink properties in Web Expressions. I tried it and now the hover function works fine with Firefox. I'll see how it works with other browsers. I'll use it but I still want the challenge of learning Javascript.