Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Ending and A Beginning

Big sigh!

That's the sound of our lives returning to normal now that Rachel's graduation party is over. Tammy did an excellent job of keeping the entire production headed in the right direction while Rachel put in a lot of hours assembling photos and helping me with a video production we cobbled together to run in the background on a few TV's during the party. The weather forecast from earlier in the week held up and gave us a beautiful day. It really couldn't have gone better and we're all thankful for that.

We never felt all that comfortable about how much food we needed to provide so in typical American fashion we erred on the side of too much. We should've stayed with Tammy's original phone order for 300 wings from BWW. Instead, we upped the order to 500 earlier in the week and we didn't need to. Rachel's father and stepmother made 100 eggrolls which were quite a hit. In addition to all of that we had dozens of croissants with all the fixings for sandwiches plus fruit and vegetable trays.  There was lots of food. The only thing we ran short of was IBC Root Beer.

We were a little concerned about Tammy's mother while she was staying with us. She kept pushing herself beyond what her body wanted her to as she did what she could to help us get ready for the party. There's no telling her 'no'.  She's planning a visit to her doctor this week with a focus on her heart. 

I played the role of obnoxious videographer and photographer capturing digital memories for years from now when we look back and laugh at how young so and so looked while noticing other subtle changes that passed us by.

I took the final 80 seconds of the 30 minute picture/video project we worked on for the party and made that available online. This part was all Rachel's work and I find it both fitting and touching...

Ending/Beginning from kevin gilmore on Vimeo.


Jackie said...

Rachel,Tammy and Kevin,

This has been such an exciting couple of weeks for all of you. I see everything put together with such a fondness for all things you will leave behind but such awesome memories to take with you where ever you go. You should be so proud of how you have done this together. Rachel, You will be successful in all you do. Congrats! What a really neat family! God's blessing on you always.

Kevin said...

Jackie...thanks for the beautiful comments.