Monday, August 9, 2010

"Um...we're in Rochester"

I was out in the yard Friday night when I saw Rachel leave in her car. I got a text message a few minutes later saying "at sams". I responded, "OK thanks" and didn't think much more of it. We're glad that she tells us where she's at but Tammy and I are both at a point where we don't feel a need to keep close tabs on her. Still, we're glad she clues us in.

I got an excited call from her less than two hours later prefaced with a confession: "Um...we're in Rochester". Before I could say anything she was telling me how they were there to see Mat Kearney who was playing a very-little-notice concert and that they actually got their picture taken with him. They were 45 minutes late for his show and running up the steps of a community college where he was playing in a small auditorium when they realized that Mat and his entourage were just ahead of them. He was late too but happy to accommodate them.

The concert was free and part of an MTV production for the series The Buried Life which was doing an episode about an organization called To Write Love on Her Arms. By the time they got in line the auditorium was nearly full and they ended up getting turned away some 20 people from the front of the line. Not to be deterred, they walked the halls of the school and took seats on some steps in a hallway off to the side of the auditorium where they could hear the music. Rachel noticed an unlocked door, peeked her head in and much to her delight Mat Kearney wasn't much more than 20 feet away singing on-stage. She motioned for Sam and Trina to follow her inside and they quietly watched the show from off the side of the stage.

As Mat was playing, one of the cast members (Ben) from The Buried Life approached the girls and asked them if they were going to be there for a while and would they do him a favor if they were? He was going to tell the crowd that Robert Pattinson from Twilight was backstage and that he was going to bring him out but what the people in the audience didn't know was that it would only be a life-size cardboard cutout of the actor. Rachel didn't hesitate. She said the crowd was going crazy until she walked the cutout on-stage as she hid behind it. She hammed it up a little by poking her head out from behind it and smiling at the crowd when she set it down center-stage before running off.

She thinks it's possible she'll be on the MTV show when it airs. That would be fun to see.

She says it was the best night of her summer. It's fun that it happened in Rochester where she'll soon be living and going to college.

She's already leaving her mark and she's still living at home!

That's a lot of sentences that begin with "She".


Lexie said...

I am actually the girl they were helping and this is by far one of the best stories ever!!!

Kevin Gilmore said...

I hope you're doing well, Lexie!