Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Fall Ball

Toby is back to his old self and we're all grateful for that. He's snuggled into my lap as I type this.

We made it out to Ritter Farm Park with our pups this week and they were thrilled (at least they seemed to be) to see the llamas again. They were off in the distance when we came by their field but we were able to call them over. Before long the llamas had their noses through the fence trying to get a better look at the little guys who were being so vocal toward them but sticking close by us for protection.

The high water table I was talking about in a recent post that I thought was causing our sump-pumps to run was actually a leak in our underground sprinkler. I was out raking leaves last weekend and noticed a wet area near the surface not far from where the main line to the sprinkler runs. I shut the system down and sure enough our pumps quit running not long after. It was a sizable leak and I'm glad I stumbled onto it when I did. I spent too long repairing it Tuesday on a vacation day from work but I'm glad to have it fixed.

Rachel is having a blast at UMR. She's home for the weekend; sort of. We don't see her much but that's expected. So far she's not feeling overwhelmed by the curriculum but it's early in the year yet so there's still plenty of time for that.

I'm glad that Tammy and I are connected with her on Facebook because it allows us to have a piece of her in our daily lives as she posts photos from her world and updates her status. We get our own personal texts and phone calls from her too which keeps us connected.

Did I mention that she has a crush on her Humanities teacher? Apparently he's "so hot!"

I can't remember a better fall season for riding and I've been taking full advantage of it. It's been a ball! The only tricky part is waiting for the temp to climb enough in the morning so I can leave without needing a base layer (with the exception being knee-warmers) and for me that's 45 degrees. That's too cold for most to be dressed so lightly but I find that once I'm working it I have little trouble staying warm. Better to be a little chilled early on than overheating later once the temp is well into the 60s with the sun shining.

I managed 135 miles on Wednesday and 118 miles on Friday; both part of a 410+ mile week on the road. I don't think I've ever put up those sort of numbers this late in the season. It helps to have a wife who encourages me to go out and enjoy the weather while I can. I'm so spoiled.

Tammy and I have never been ones to decorate for Halloween; much. We were walking through the Burnsville mall late last year when we saw a little guy on clearance that we had to have. I'll bet you'll want one too...

Halloween Display from kevin gilmore on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

We never really do much for Halloween decorations. But I did up the ante for the neighborhood by getting KING SIZE candy bars this year! That should make us popular! ;-)

Glad to hear Toby's better; what an awful thing. My dogs can be major PITA's a lot of times, but I love them and hate to see them scared or unhappy.

Kevin said...

Wow...KING SIZE! Now you've given me something to think about. Last year our numbers were down but we typically get somewhere around 100 kids. Tammy will be flying solo this Halloween as I'll be working late.

Yeah, Toby is such a mellow fellow and a lover not a fighter. it's good to see him back to his usual self. He loves going with me in the truck...just the two of us. I treated him to a ride this morning for coffee but unfortunately there were no treats from the cashier at the drive-thru. Maybe next time.