Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Wow!

It's been over six weeks since I've been on my bike, either indoors or out. I got busy with a bunch of other things of no less importance that had taken a back seat to it for too long. But now I'm all caught up and ready to consider hitting the roads again this week. The break from my riding has been nice but I'm feeling the need.

Rachel came home Thursday night. Just like old times, she occupied a place in front of the entertainment center in the basement while Tammy and I sat on the couch and listened to her tell about all that's going on in her life. I miss that. The funniest story was about a dollar party she'd attended. Everyone was required to bring something they could sell for a dollar (at least I think that was the deal). Anyway, she and her friends made jello-shots but without the alcohol. She said most of the kids were too drunk to notice that she and her friends were getting one over on them. Too funny—at least I thought it was.

I drove her to the University of Minnesota campus Friday at noon so she could catch a bus for a trip to Memphis with a bunch of other students. They'll participate in a leadership conference with some volunteer work on the side. They spent Thursday night in Indianola, Iowa where they volunteered at a nursing home. They were in Kansas City, Missouri last night where they worked at a boys' home sorting through donated clothes. She was hoping to take in some sights. I was texting with her earlier today asking her where they were at. She said she had no idea but added: "I'm basing it off of the wizard of oz it looks a bit like kansas." "I body surfed on the bus." That's my daughter. They'll be spending tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She's the only one from UMR on the trip and that works well for her. She's all about meeting new people and I admire that.

We were back in the studio on Thursday doing our usual footwork: two steps forward, one step back. We continue to make progress and that's all that matters. We'll be there again both Thursday and Friday this week. Our work so far is worthy of the sort of stuff you bring home to your mother but then my work with stained glass began the same way. I'm hopeful we'll be able to one day look back on these days and know that we eventually got beyond them. Regardless, we're having a blast even making the simplest of forms. We both love the learning part of this and there's plenty of that.

Now that I've got our most recent stained glass project off the table in the shop I'm feeling like I have a lot more time to do whatever I want. I spent a good part of yesterday working on a gift for a friend. I used the same design I did for our entertainment center but changed up the colors.

I had to swing by Target on the way into work today to pick up Adele's new CD. Tammy and I were driving to dinner last night listening to her on Cities 97. Just wow! Tammy wasn't familiar with her but I'd seen her on one of the morning shows recently and immediately liked her. I think I'm on my third listening of her CD as I write this. Good stuff!

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