Monday, September 12, 2011

In Need of a Fix

It seemed I couldn't click on a page online yesterday without being reminded of the events of 9/11. I have little to add other than to say that even the strongest military in the world is helpless against people who are determined to blend in with society until they decide to act on their rage. We can spend every last dollar we have trying to protect ourselves but it still won't be enough. 19 individuals with box-cutters slipped onto our shores unnoticed, then proceeded to kill nearly 3000 innocent people and help bring our economy to a grinding halt. What does that say about the strongest military the world has ever seen? I'll say no more.

Rachel is having a blast in Rochester...or at least I assume she is. I thought I saw a recent photo of her on Facebook but I can't be sure. I haven't heard much from you, kiddo...are you out there?

We haven't blown glass in over two weeks. A new furnace was installed at Foci where we blow and because of the install and complications with it, our slot times had to be canceled the past two Thursdays. We're itching to get back. This is the longest we've been away since we returned to the studio in full force last February. I hope it's similar to riding a bike and that we haven't lost too much of our hard earned skills. I'm in need of a fix!

To tide us over we've been watching a series of videos (The Art of Fire by James McKelvey) that Tammy bought me for my birthday. They're so good. I told her that this may possibly be the best gift she's ever given me. They're so helpful, especially considering the foundation we've built to this point. She also purchased the companion book which goes much more in depth than the DVDs. It's very good reading.

I finally took some time to dabble with fused glass over the weekend. Tammy bought a kiln several years ago when she took a class in fused glass but for the most part, it's sat idle the last couple years until recently when she began using it again. I decided it was time for me to try my hand at it as well. She gave me a few pointers then sent me on my way.

A couple of kiln-firing days later and I had my finished product. I'm not thrilled with it but I think it will do for a first attempt. I hope to get into some more complex layers and designs with my next efforts.

I've been battling a cold for the last three weeks. The kind of cold that begins in the head but settles in the chest and doesn't want to leave. It's had me off my bike for the most part but Saturday I decided it had taken enough of what few good warm weather riding days I have left this year. I topped off my iPod Nano and Garmin 705 then headed out late Saturday morning for a longish ride into western Wisconsin.

I've been wanting to do my Wisconsin loop for a while but the winds were never where I needed them to be to head that way until Saturday when there was only a light breeze from the east. I like to venture out into a headwind so I have a tailwind on the return home. It's especially important when your legs are fried and that was my concern with the sporadic riding I've done lately.

I noticed too few other cyclists out there but I saw more motorcycles on the road that day than I've ever seen before. Many in packs of a dozen or more looking like they were really enjoying themselves.

I've had a couple of motorcycles in my life but I don't miss them. I much more prefer the burn in my legs and the feeling of my heart beating inside my chest reassuring me that I'm alive as I work a climb or settle into a rhythm on the flats. I derive a lot of satisfaction from that and no ride I ever took on a motorcycle comes anywhere close to providing that kind of experience.

But to each their own...


Larry and Marcy said...

Nice video Kevin!

Kevin said...

Thanks, Larry!

I suppose to some the videos may seem a little lame but they're important to me. I can think back to my days in the Navy in San Diego where I first got heavy into riding and some of the rides I did. I'd love to have video from those rides to reminisce with today. That's the reason I'm capturing some moments now for many years later as I stroll down memory lane.