Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 83rd, Mom!

I first came across this little brain-teaser several years ago. I'd like to think that I tend to give up on these things too quickly but more accurately I think I'm just not smart enough to figure them out.

Notice how the picture shifts from 12 people to 13 people. Where does the extra person come from or disappear to? The answer is obviously right before my eyes and yours; so tell me.

Tammy's bonsai plant is not only surviving; it's thriving with plenty of new growth! She's got many skills but botany has never been among them so I'm pleasantly surprised. She's been talking about getting another bonsai plant but there's just one thing that concerns me; they need to be watered daily. That means not only do we have to find somebody to watch our pups when we leave town for a few days but we also have to find someone to water her bonsai plants.

I've been enjoying my new Droid Bionic and have experienced few problems if any in the month or more that I've had it. The one feature it has that I'm liking more and more is something called Swype. It's been around for a couple years but is new to me. Check it out. I do my share of texting and find Swype so much quicker than what I'm used to. Your results may vary.

Mom turned 83 last Thursday. I and most others in my family held out little hope last spring that she would live to celebrate the day. We're happy to have been wrong. She continues to plug away at life and although she's been slowed considerably by her weak heart she's by no means being kept down. She still drives herself around to her appointments and volunteer commitments while picking up friends along the way.

Happy 83rd, Mom!

Rachel posted this to my Facebook wall last night...too funny! ...especially the last two brothers but the boy at 2:25 concerns me...


Jackie said...

Wonderful picture of you and Mom Kevin. Truly a "keeper".

Marielle said...

You sneeeeeeaky mom, haha! Love it!

Nice picture of you and your mom, I agree with the previous comment, it's a "keeper". And the bonsai tree looks really nice too :)

Kevin said...

Thanks for your comments Jackie and Marielle!

Mom was looking especially nice. I wonder if she saw the video? I should make sure she does! ;-)