Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bring it On!

We've been experiencing some unusually nice weather here in the Midwest! I believe they're talking 40s for Sunday. I love it!

It appears we're in for our first brown Christmas since 2006 and I for one am very happy about that. Or am I? Hmm—I'm actually somewhat conflicted now because I have an altogether new reason for wanting snow. No, it's not because of my new snowblower and no, I didn't buy a snowmobile. I suppose the photo to the left is a bit of a giveaway. I bought myself a new toy: a Salsa Mukluk! I'm joining the ranks of the fat-bikes! ...or however you say that.

My original intent was to purchase a Pugsley Surly (something I've had my eye on for a little more than a year) but after comparing the two over at Freewheel Bike in Minneapolis, I opted for the Mukluk with its aluminum frame, slightly larger size, and better components and wheels. Thanks to Steve at Freewheel for his guidance in helping me sort through the options.

The fat tires will allow me to take this where other mountain bikes can't go due to snow, say nothing of my road bikes. We've got hundreds of miles of trails in Minnesota and now I'll be able to access them with my bike.

I'm really psyched to get out on it but I have to wait as I haven't brought it home yet—hopefully this coming week. I'm waiting for some things to complete the package and once they've arrived I'll go pick it up.

In an effort to realize some of the investment we've made over this past year in our glassblowing endeavors, if you receive a gift from us for Christmas it's likely going to come from somewhere on the table in this photo. Rachel is free to give whatever remains to her friends as we're running out of places to put it.

Coldplay tickets went on pre-sale last Monday for their Xylo Myloto tour. Rachel and I were on the phone together in front of our laptops the moment they went on sale seeing if at least one of us could score something decent. I did...on the floor in the 40th row. Rachel was excited as was I but it was a short-lived excitement. When I went to enter my credit card data I found that it would only take American Express. My Mastercard was useless to me. I had to let the tickets go. I tried once more days later when they went on sale again but without the previous credit card restrictions. The seats I got were less than desirable but were just as expensive as the floor seats. I took a pass much to Rachel's disappointment I'm sure. Sorry, kiddo.

I've upped my score in Air Control to 467 attaining the rank of Air Traffic Controller...haha. I was reasonably happy about that until a friend of mine topped it with a score of 609. It puts me in the top 1% of players worldwide but I know I can do better. The only problem is that to score so many points (or landings) it's easily a 25-minute investment of time and that's not always easy to come by. But it's winter in Minnesota and what else is there to do? Oh yeah...ride in the snow!

Bring it on!

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Rachel said...

Thats not gonna stop me from going. Im determined to see them perform.