Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pedaling Back Time

We have a lot less blown glass in our home than we did just a few weeks ago. Much of what we didn't give away as Christmas gifts was brought home by Rachel's friends. Tammy and I joke that these are what will be referred to as 'early Gilmores' years from now after we've made a name for ourselves.

Just kidding of course.

Friday's three hours in the studio were more of a humbling experience than anything for me but there are lessons to be learned from all those failed pieces. And actually, this is sort of what Steve was talking to me about last month. Rather than playing it cautiously because I'm so intent on having a piece to show for my efforts, I should push the limits of my abilities with the understanding that the piece will more likely than not be a failure in the sense that it won't make it into the 'box'. I can't honestly say that that was my mindset on Friday but pretending it was helped to ease my frustration.

Our Blown Glass set on Flickr continues to grow.

Tammy set up a blog last week. I'd intended to pimp it here but I think I'll wait and see if it actually gets off the ground first. It's still just taxiing. I do hope she decides to log into it occasionally and put down some thoughts.

We went out to dinner with our small group from church last night. We've been taking a break from our meetings during the holiday season so it was nice to get together with everyone at Chianti Grill in Burnsville. We kicked around ideas for this next phase of our bible study and Rob Bell's name came up. His most recent book, Love Wins caused quite a stir among fundamentalist Christians. Anything that rattles the cages among those that are so sure of themselves (because I'm not) I find appealing. Sign me up.

I made it out on my bike several times this past week in what continues to be one of the milder winters I can recall. Just beautiful weather we're enjoying and I'm so happy to be out of the house experiencing it. I was able to spend some time getting familiar with my GoPro video camera that I have mounted on the bars of my bike. I'm pleased with the handlebar mount and I do think it goes a long way toward diminishing the geek-factor as opposed to using the helmet mount. The best part is that now I'll be able to capture many more of my falls such as the one from my first outing with my GoPro. No mountain bikers were harmed during the filming of this short video.

Another plus of no longer holding my Bionic in my hand to shoot video is that I've got both hands on the bars which allow me to ride more aggressively. I like to say that when I'm on my bike I'm back in my mid-20s. My friends at work like to remind me that my bones would beg to differ. Hmmm.


Jackie said...

"early gilmores" or not they are beautiful pieces of art! I am honored to display them in my home. You have really done some beautiful work between the two of you. How do you guys handle the talent between the both of you? I wish I had even a little bit of what you share!

Kevin Gilmore said...

Thanks! ...but you cook and put on a spread in ways that we can only dream of!

Anonymous said...

If you are not sure, BE Careful. You can fall for anything!

Anonymous said...

God's main desire is to transform hearts through surrendered hearts. It's the way He shows us HOW "Love wins". A deeper walk in His Spirit which brings us dieing to Self. Its then He then can mold and give us personal revelation. It TRUMPS intellectual debate on any doctrine. He wants ALL of our inner being and He WILL allow things happen to get us there.

Kevin Gilmore said...

Really, Theresa? Are you there? Are you enlightened? Hmm...I'm not seeing it at all. If you were then you would be begging Tammy to accept your apology for the condescending-holier-than-thou-self-righteous way that you've been treating her.

Kevin Gilmore said...

Theresa, sorry but your last comments (which I won't publish here) are disturbing. You need to find somewhere else to post your delusional tirades.

Your IP address has been flagged as spam and any further comments from you will be treated as such.