Monday, November 12, 2012

Water Worries

Some thoughts for me to look back on years from now.

Barack Obama was just re-elected to a 2nd term as President last Tuesday. I can't recall a president that I've ever identified with as much as I do him. I simply agree with so much of what he stands for, especially his sense of fairness. I get that many will cringe at what I just wrote but then I cringe at the thought of where I think many of you get the information you use to reach your conclusions about him.

Yeah, I was very relieved to see Obama prevail last Tuesday night, rising above the constant drumbeat of negative comments about him that's been nonstop from right-wing radio and TV over the last four years. I went to bed at 10:30 just after he was declared the winner, intent on getting to sleep as soon as I could for a 4:00 AM start the next day. I laid there thinking about the election, wondering how Fox News and right-wing radio would handle the defeat. Smiling. I tossed and turned, occasionally reaching for my Droid to check some websites hoping sleep would settle in but it wasn't happening. It was 3:05 when I last looked at the clock. Needless to say, I never made it to work the next day.

Moving on...

It's been a ridiculously dry past 5 months here in Minnesota but prior to that, we'd experienced a very wet spring. After the rains had stopped I noticed a few small blisters in my 3 year old garage floor epoxy finish. I tried to see if there was any 'give' to them but they appeared as hard as the surrounding floor. I didn't think much of them until stumbling upon a YouTube video that talked about failures of epoxy floor finishes due to hydrostatic pressure. I'm sure that's what's at play. There's really not much I can think of to do other than to make sure I minimize the amount of water that's allowed to work its way toward and under the garage floor so that was my project this past weekend.

There's a small 3 x 3 foot section near a flower garden next to the garage floor that often gets a lot of runoff during heavy rains. The runoff is fed by a sloping grade away from the house toward the street and I'm quite sure that a lot of this water is what I'm having to contend with. Anyway, I made a simple drainage to catch most of the runoff and direct it away from the area it's been allowed to collect in up until now. Lastly, I covered the soil with a square of poly to keep water from coming in contact with the soil. Water can be so destructive and I figure that every little bit of prevention helps.

We got together with some friends Saturday night to take in a play at the Lakeville Community Center called ReGifters, a comedy about a few couples who exchange gifts each year at Christmas. These friends too often exchange less than ideal gifts or even retaliatory gifts to get even for a previous year and they almost always give re-gifted items. All is well until it's learned that a gift one of the couples re-gifted to another is actually a priceless gift and they will stop at nothing to get it back. It was a fun time and had us laughing a lot.

Afterward, Tammy and I stopped at a wine bar across the street before going home. The bar was standing room only but fortunately for us, I met a friend there with his wife who offered to share their table with us. It was nice to catch up with Michel as we only ever really communicate on Facebook. We met riding out on the road a few years ago.

It was a nice finish to a busy weekend.

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