Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I drove down to Rochester yesterday morning to bring Rachel back for Christmas. Our time is going to be so limited with her though as she leaves for her dad's home tomorrow. She'll spend a couple days there before making her way back to Rochester and her job at the assisted living center.

We got to chat on our drive back and that's always so nice. She brought up the Newtown school shootings and asked me what I thought about it all. So much has already been said and I don't want to get into that here except to say that we're drowning in guns here in the US and I'm afraid it may be too late to stem the tide of senseless killings. The gun guys have won and easy access to firearms is there for just about anyone. And now we're all stuck with the constant drip, drip, drip of senseless deaths day after day. Get used to it. Sad.

Anyway, Rachel mentioned how she'd read something Morgan Freeman had written on Facebook about the Newtown school massacre which really resonated with her. I had to smile (not that there's anything about this subject to smile about) because I'd read the same posting but learned later that the words weren't his at all. I explained to her that for some odd reason people are often attributing untruths to Morgan's name on Facebook, usually announcing his demise along with a RIP remark. Sort of like being Rickrolled.

She likes her job quite a lot and that's reassuring to all of us that she's in the right field. Both she and Tammy had much to discuss yesterday afternoon over a delayed but delicious Thanksgiving dinner that Tammy put together. She's most certainly following in her mother's footsteps in many regards but she's going to do it in her own way.

We took some time after dinner to take a page from not too many years ago where we'd all sit on the couch together and read the Christmas story from the Bible. It was nice, pups and all. We exchanged gifts afterward. A high-tech ant-farm Rachel bought me being one of my favorite. It's so cool! ;-) I went online right away to put my ants on order to beat the Christmas rush. The company ships them out year-round as long as the temps are forecast to be above freezing where they're headed. That may be a little while for me. There will always be this kid inside of me fascinated by simple stuff.

We all went out to see The Hobbit in 3D later on. Lots of stuff on the screen to take in at times. We took a pass on the D-BOX seating. It was an $8 upcharge per ticket and we'd never heard of it before. There were two rows of seats in front of us dedicated to the experience. For the most part, the seats seemed to be mostly still but other times during more intense scenes they were moving around quite a lot. I think I'd like to spring for them next time and try them out.

I'll close now with this. I posted it a couple years ago in my blog and thought it would be nice to bring it back out again.

Merry Christmas!


John Hill said...

Merry Christmas, brother!

getjets said...

Happy New Year.....Mr. Air Traffic Controller.......!!!!