Sunday, January 27, 2013

Have CompuTrainer and Video Camera Will Travel

Yay! I actually got some Rachel-time Thursday morning. She and Missy were in town Wednesday night to see a concert and rather than drive back to Rochester they chose to spend the night at the house. I got home from the all-night shift Thursday morning and caught a quick couple hours of sleep before coming down to spend some time with them before they left. I was tired but I'll take what I can get.

We sat around the kitchen table talking and drinking some dynamite coffees. Well, at least mine was dynamite. Their's were kind of boring. I don't think either of them even took me up on my mini-marshmallow suggestion. I was pleasantly surprised when they both confessed to really liking my blog :-) ...haha...oh and I promised them a shout-out! So here it is...Rachel and rock! But seriously, I can't think of a better compliment!

They had their morning faces on so the best I could do of a photo of them for the blog was as they were walking away, boring coffees in hand.

I spent Friday afternoon and evening on my CompuTrainer. Yes, no typos there. I climbed aboard at 2:30 and didn't get off until 8:40. That was a long time in the saddle for someone who hasn't done that sort of distance in a while. I needed it but my quads may beg to differ. I did the Canadian Ironman bike segment, all 111.22 miles (179 km). I was good for 80 miles but steadily faded after that. I'd like to hit the roads this spring in good form. I've been doing lots of lesser distance rides on it with my go-to ride being a 27-mile loop that I like to hit hard, usually racing against myself from previous performances. It's such a fun approach to indoor training.

Tammy was working in the office yesterday and I had no plans whatsoever. I treated Toby to a day with me and a road-trip to Red Wing and Lake City in search of some eagles along the Mississippi River bluffs. There weren't as many eagles out as I'd hoped to see but it what a nice surprise to find dozens of ice sailboats out zipping across Lake Pepin in preparation for an international competition that was to begin today, weather permitting. The conditions were fantastic yesterday for them; today, not so much.

Here's a collection of some photos I took.

I'd gotten chilled to the bone earlier in the day and nearly took a pass on taking in the Red Bull Crashed Ice event in St Paul last night but I found my mojo (and layers) and headed out. Lots of people and a little difficult to get around at times but it was a fun crowd. I spent my time trying to capture video from as many angles as I could but there was only so much I could do. People in the most prime spots were reluctant to let go of them and if they did leave there was always a new row of people ready to take their place along the rail. Still, I managed to get enough to capture the feel of it.

I have no idea at all who won. It was just a day to go out and shoot video and enjoy this life I've been blessed with.

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