Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More of the Planning Stage

We spent most of the weekend driving around to too many furniture stores to recall as we looked for possible furniture ideas for the 3-season porch we're planning to have built this spring. In all reality, it's probably more accurate to refer to it as a 4-season porch as we'll have both heat and air-conditioning out there. We're working with our neighbor, Karen, who is an interior designer and someone that Tammy and I both have a lot of admiration for.She's done so many cool and fun things with her home. She's loaded us down with a ton of home interior design magazines from which to get ideas. And speaking of ideas, I've signed up for a Pinterest account and have created a page called Sun Porch Ideas where I can pin anything that catches my eye. There's not much there yet.

Karen is working with us to help develop our style which is something that could best be described as a hodgepodge of sorts. We've got some traditional pieces that we purchased early on in our marriage that no longer fit with our current tastes which over the last several years are trending more toward prairie style with some contemporary leanings. We both like clean, simple lines with nothing too overstuffed or large although you'd never know that by looking at our living-room furniture. But hey, the pups love it!

Joe will be doing the construction for us. He's good enough for Karen and her many projects both large and small so that means he's good enough for us. We met with both Joe and Karen yesterday morning for a couple hours to go over some of our concerns and ideas we've been discussing. There's so much to consider in a project such as this but having both Joe and Karen's expertise available to us definitely gives us a sense of confidence as we move forward. But still, I don't want to be too overconfident about any of this. There's a part of me that is inclined to wait until fall or possibly even next spring to break ground, not wanting to rush it.

As with most any project of this sort, it's grown to become more expensive than we'd originally budgeted for. I'm still trying to come to terms with that too I suppose.

We were sitting at a stoplight Saturday afternoon at County Rd 5 and 42 with Pandora playing a Led Zeppelin track while Tammy knitted a scarf. She commented that this is the face of the young side of the senior generation...Led Zeplin and knitting. She then went on to ponder out loud what retirement homes will sound like as our generation eventually makes the transition into them. Move over Perry Como and Andy Williams...hello '60s and '70s rock! There's something that just seems wrong about that.

I'm leaving work soon with a couple other guys to go say our goodbyes to a friend of ours. Mike retired 12 years ago and isn't much longer for this world as his body succumbs to cancer. His wife talked with Lee yesterday and said that if we want to see him again we need to do it now. This won't be easy.

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