Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Dam Problem and Sexual Tension

Joe came by Thursday morning and we went over some details of our porch and deck project before signing the necessary paperwork to get the ball rolling. He'd like to begin sometime in the next two to three weeks, even before the snow is gone. I suppose that works. I hadn't anticipated the project moving along this quickly but the sooner we get it done the sooner we can put the finishing touches on the landscaping around it and begin enjoying it.

There are still several things we'll need to work out, mostly stuff associated with the gas fireplace. We're considering a stacked-stone front with a wood mantel but we haven't quite figured out how we'd like it to look. We were at the Home and Garden Show over the weekend and stopped at a booth that specializes in fireplace fronts. We'll be visiting their shop sometime soon to get some ideas and maybe hire them to do the job.

Speaking of the Home and Garden Show...I found a steel palm-tree there that I thought would make an excellent addition to our future deck but Tammy gave me a resounding thumbs down. It's probably a good thing considering we've got 3 pups who would love to make it the focus of their bladder relief.

I was thinking that it might be a good idea to make a separate blog for the porch and deck project the way I did with our basement project several years ago. It would be something that I'll likely update every day or two. I set it up this morning at this link.

As Joe was leaving he noticed an ice-dam above our front entrance. The area has always been prone to this problem and I've done a good job of ignoring it in the past but those days are done. I went out and purchased a roof-rake to begin to fight back. The ice-dam actually looks quite bad. The do-it-yourself fix is to clear away the snow and lay bags containing calcium chloride over the problem area and wait for them to melt the ice. I think I need a few more bags.

I spent all day Saturday watching Rachel's collegiate ballroom dance team compete in the Star of the North championship. She and her partner didn't fare so well only advancing to the second round in their dances but she thoroughly enjoyed herself out there. And I learned something. I was asking her why the woman never looks at her partner in the Tango. She told me that there's supposed to be sexual tension between the two dancers and thus the reason for the look of disinterest from the woman. I had no idea!

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