Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend, 2013

We had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Tammy had to work until 7:30 Thanksgiving night but she still managed to put together a delicious meal for the two of us. I'm not much of a cook but I hope to change that in retirement.

Speaking of retirement. We were talking this past week about things we'd both like to do together when we reach that point. Tammy mentioned loaning out our services to elderly people to help them with cleaning and yard work. I think that's a really good idea and something I would enjoy doing. We've also talked about working with at-risk inner-city kids in whatever ways we could be used. We'll begin to narrow our focus once we get closer to actually making the leap.

Pope Francis has my attention. I've never in my life been interested in anything the Popes have had to say over the years but this guy is different. I very much appreciate his mindset and his approach to life. But can his words change the strong convictions of those who disagree with him? I'm far from perfect and am reluctant to cast stones at others but can we agree that if Jesus was here in the flesh among us he would be very disappointed in the unashamed-corporate-greed-winner-take-all-no-need-for-a-living-wage-I've-got-my-health-care-get-you-own-and-oh-yes-guns-guns-guns mantra coming from those on the right—the ones who most loudly claim to be followers of Christ?

I see things so much differently now than I did not so many years ago.

Our outdoor Christmas/holiday/Festivus (take your pick) lights are shining brightly for all the neighborhood to see!

Rachel was able to experience the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with some friends from school. She was back in the City yesterday by herself doing some sightseeing and taking advantage of what little time she has left out there. It reminded me of this photo I took of her when we were there last August. Our little girl is no longer a little girl.

I've had a couple of fun rides this week with my mukluk on the trails down along the Minnesota River east and west of Cedar Ave. Thursday's ride took me up to Mendota where I entered the trails, working my way back along them toward Cedar Ave. I was whipped by the time I got home. It's a bit of work riding out of the river bottoms on my mukluk toward the higher elevations of home. Here's a video from that ride.

Saturday's ride before my afternoon shift was a blast! I can't remember a time when I've come back from a ride so ridiculously high. I went back to the scene of the crime where I told Tammy I wouldn't venture anymore because it's where I banged myself up and landed in the hospital for a few nights a couple years ago but it was all good! The trails are actually much tamer than I remember them but I also approach my trail riding differently than I did when I first began riding there. I'm simply more cautious than I was when I first got my mukluk but I'm not enjoying it any less.

I'm not sure a guy my age is supposed to be out there having this much fun!

Best viewed in HD with the music cranked because the music accompanying this one is some of my favorite to ride to! Buckle up!

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