Monday, March 24, 2014

Catching Up and Mind-Benders

The Amazing Race and Survivor, our two mainstays of TV viewing may have fallen victim to our Netflix streaming video account. I've been bouncing between House of Cards (season 2), Mad Men (season 4) and Breaking Bad (season 3). Tammy has her own list but is currently fixated on Dexter.

I still find myself vacillating about when to retire with my thoughts about it changing like the weather. Last week if you'd have asked me I would have said with 90% certainty that I'll be turning in my headset by the end of the year. But then I found myself kicking around some scenarios in my head over the weekend and thinking that I could just as easily continue working well into 2015. I am all over the place on this. Being fully employed makes it much easier to keep paying down our debt and I like that. Not that we have an abundance of debt but our goal is to have none. Continuing to hang out 'working the boards' makes as much sense as ever.

I was able to take the pups out a few days ago for their first walk of the year. They loved it! Toby had the four of us running for the first two blocks. They were filthy by the time we got home but it was so worth it. A quick bath in the laundry tub for each of them was a must.

Rachel returned a few days ago from a 9 day odyssey to the east coast and back with her STLF (Students Today Leaders Forever) group from school. As they have the last few years, they stopped in cities along the way to perform volunteer projects that they planned well in advance. Those cities were Cincinnati, OH; Morgantown, WV; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

A short video. What enthusiasm!

She spent the night with us last night. It was really nice to come home from work and spend a couple of hours together over a glass of wine catching up. We don't get to do that nearly enough.

We've been getting into Foci weekly it seems for the past couple of months and it's helping us to continue to improve our skills. I'm still having fun playing with different tea-light candle holder shapes and colors. I do need to work with other forms too though to push my abilities and grow. We'll have to take a pass on any studio time this week. Tammy was diagnosed with Trigger Finger in her right thumb and can barely grip some of the tools needed to work the glass. She went in and had a shot of cortisone on Friday. It's helping but she doesn't want to aggravate it and slow her recovery.

I saw this video online yesterday and found it perplexing. It reminds me of the mind-bender below. Count the little men, wait a few seconds until they shift then count them again. Where does the extra guy come from?

I overdid it on my CompuTrainer a couple weeks ago while racing against myself from previous performances. The strain of the workout caused a Baker's cyst behind my right knee and it's had me mostly sidelined from working out for the last 10 days. I'm not happy. I took my Mukluk out for an easy ride Friday afternoon. It was nice to be out again but so difficult to hold back. I really suck at anything to do with recovery or moderation.

Queue another Netflix show!

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