Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where's the Love?

Dan Haseltine, front-man for the Christian rock group Jars of Clay made a huge mistake last week by contemplating out loud on his Twitter account the idea of same-sex couples happily coexisting among us. The backlash from Evangelical Christians was immediate. They closed ranks on social media and made it clear that he was no longer welcome among them. Some Christian oriented radio stations even removed all of their Jars of Clay music from their song rotation.

Where's the love?

Nothing seems to bring out the ire of those who unabashedly claim to follow Jesus more than talk of same-sex relationships.

I have to wonder, if King David from the Old Testament had been gay do you suppose God still would've used him as he did? It apparently didn't matter to God that he was a murderer and an adulterer but do you suppose it would've been a deal-breaker had David been gay?

We were in the studio twice last week; once for our regular 3-hour session and then again for a class with Michael teaching us some color application methods. We had to take a pass this week because Tammy had hand surgery a couple days ago for a condition called Trigger Finger. Hopefully, she'll be good-to-go next week.

Photo courtesy of Curt Goodrich. Thanks, Curt!

The cortisone injection I had in my knee last month did little to alleviate the pain I'm feeling. I'm worried that I did some damage to my knee during an elliptical workout a couple months ago where I went all-out trying to achieve a personal best. Yeah, I was successful but at what cost? I'll never do that again. I have an appointment with the same orthopedic doctor tomorrow to talk about a Synvisc injection. I'd rather hold off on another arthroscopic knee surgery unless absolutely necessary. If Synvisc isn't the answer I'm leaning toward reconsidering stem-cell therapy, an idea I was seriously entertaining a while ago but backed away from due to its cost and lack of clear scientific data supporting its effectiveness. Two friends have had it done for their knees and are happy with the results and would do it all over again. I'm guardedly optimistic that it too can help me.

I've been resting my knee more than I normally do but I'm not allowing it to keep me down. I got out yesterday for a nice ride into St Paul and back. I thought I'd put away my cold weather riding gear for the season but I was wrong. 43ยบ f had me back in tights with shoe covers. It was nice to be out even though I couldn't be as aggressive as I wanted to be.

Video from my ride

It's been a cool, windy and rainy week here in the Minneapolis area and we could use a nice dose of heat and sun. Now that the rain has temporarily stopped Toby has been giving me the eye which instills a sense of guilt within me until I give in to his unspoken request for a walk. The dog park is off limits until it dries out but no worries...there's an entire neighborhood full of fire hydrants and mailbox posts that need to be marked. Again.

Video from last Friday night at the dog park which was the last time we saw the sun!

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