Sunday, November 23, 2014

Color Blind!

I woke up to an outside temperature of 50º F (10º C) this morning. How nice! It wiped out what remained of our snow which is both good and bad. I like the snow for riding the trails but that's about all. Not to worry, there's more snow in the forecast along with some cold temps so my fat-bike will be happy.

The Glowing Tree in Bloomington Facebook page I started a couple years ago (only because nobody else had and it needed its own page) is once again seeing its share of activity as we come into the holiday season. I saw a news article from yesterday about the tree and the potential for this to be its final year bathed in lights. Here's the link. It won't seem the same at all anymore driving along that stretch of Cedar Ave at night just south of Mall of America if the tree does go dark.

I / We will never again attempt to choose wall colors for our home without first consulting Karen who has been there for us throughout so many projects in the last couple years. We attempted to do that this past weekend when I took on the job of painting the laundry room. How hard can that be? Really hard! I did a great job of painting it but the colors are all wrong. We thought a nice sunny yellow would be bright and cheery in there but as Karen told us, yellow is a really difficult color to get right based on the sample chips you have to look at. What I did just doesn't work at all. I sort of knew that when I first started applying the paint but I didn't want to judge it too quickly, wanting instead to see how it looked with the entire room done. I should've gone with my gut instinct. But that's not the really bad part. We got ridiculously creative with the service door to the garage and found a nice retro green that we thought would look fun. The color chips looked nice next to one another but it's much more funny than fun. Go ahead...laugh! I mean, can it get any worse? I did that? I almost wasn't going to mention it here but hey.

Karen came by yesterday to have a look and a laugh. She's going to work with us to make it right. She had lots of ideas as well that we're going to incorporate into the room's new look. More on that in the weeks to come.

Friends of ours are vacationing in Florida for the next week and asked us if we could watch their Sugar Gliders for them while they're away. They're an interesting animal, native to Australia and where I understand they're not kept as pets. They're nocturnal so we have no interaction with them during the day but they come alive at night. Charlie and Allie (especially Allie) are fascinated by them while Toby couldn't care less. It was funny the first day we had them because Allie and Charlie were glued to the cage waiting for them to make an appearance. They were so patient. Here's a video of them from last night shot in 'night vision'. Tammy uses a glove to hold them because they'll sometimes nip a little. Other than the occasional nip they're pretty sweet little guys.

I typically have one game on my Droid that I'll occasionally play and for now that game is Daddy Long Legs. I'm not so good at it yet but I'm working on it. The idea is to tap the legs to cause the spider to put one foot in front of the other. Here's a 21 meter walk mine did. It's a lot more difficult than it looks and usually results in a drunk looking spider. I've kept him upright for just shy of 27 meters.

I had a blast out on my fat-bike Friday afternoon. I was intending to do a loop from home to the trailhead at Mendota then work my way west to Burnsville and Country Rd 5 to home but because I couldn't say no to an overtime call from work I had to cut it short and have Tammy meet me. It's all good though because there were only two hours of daylight left but those would've been two fun hours!

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