Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Hi, Kevin"

I was in Fleet Farm last week when the guy running the register for the line I was checking out in said "Hi, Kevin" before it was even my turn to pay for my things. I know him? I wondered as I studied his face. A quick but obvious glance at his name tag followed. Hey, Doug, how are you? He looked familiar but I was thinking he was someone other than who he was. Then he mentioned my x-wife and it dawned on me who he actually was. It had been probably close to 25 years since I had last seen Doug. Both his wife and my former wife are Thai and we'd occasionally get together. I'm not sure I'd have recognized him if he hadn't made the connection first. We chatted just a bit before he had to resume his work and I walked out to my car.

I was back in Fleet Farm a few days ago (it's my most frequented store) and made a point of checking out in Doug's line again. He asked if I had time for a rather "funny request". I said sure. His wife and Noy talk regularly and he wanted to know if it would be okay if he took my photo to send to her. I looked at the lady behind me in line and smiled and said it's okay with me if she doesn't mind. She assured us it would be okay. I took off my hat, tried to quickly fix my hair and that was that. Smile. Click!

I haven't seen Noy since the spring of 2006 when her son Joe was in town to move her out to the San Francisco area. I believe she's still out there. For a long time it was my hope that both her sons would come into town one day with her and we would get together for lunch. We shared a lot of memories and our parting should've been on better terms than it was. I would've liked that but I no longer feel the need. Perhaps I gave up on it.

I've lost touch with both Dave and Joe. No doubt they're on Facebook but with the last name of Smith it's next to impossible to find them. I think it's safe to say that they can find me if they desire to. I wish them all the best that this world has to give. They're good people deserving of that.

I'm sitting here listening to Adele's new CD, 25. It's nice to hear her voice again. I can't say the new stuff did much for me when I first heard it but it's growing on me nicely as I listen to it for the 3rd time.  "I Miss You" and "River Lea" stand out for me the most.

I finally got back on my Shaman fat-bike after having been off of it for a month. It was at Freewheel Bikes waiting on parts (rims) to arrive for a conversion to tubeless wheels. I also had the RockShox front suspension upgraded so it will still function when the temps drop to where normal (read sane) people don't ride.

I was told that I'd definitely notice a difference between tubed and tubeless tires but honestly, I can't say I do. I think that has more to do with the amount of pressure I'm running in the front suspension. The mechanic set it up to be less stiff than I'm used to but I'm actually liking the new feel so I haven't changed it. Tubeless tires will lessen my risk of flatting due to a sealant (mine is rated for sub zero temps) added through the valve stem. The sealant is there to fill any punctures that might happen.

I made it down to the river twice in the last week and can feel that I've lost some of my form but that's okay; getting it back gives me something to do over the winter months.

I've recently begun working out on my Concept 2 rowing machine again. It's sat idle the past couple of years with promises from me of becoming a part of my routine once I'm retired. It's time. I love the workout it gives but it's so punishing. Getting my rowing form back is gonna hurt but hurt I must!

Here's some video from yesterday's ride with Hynek.

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John Hill said...

Good story.
A nice little connection to the past.