Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The End Of A Tradition and A Party To Remember

Our fall weather has come to an abrupt end. It was nice while it lasted. But wait! Do my eyes deceive me? Are those 40ยบ temps in the long-range forecast?

After looking at the Weatherbug app on my phone last week and seeing that snow and blustery conditions were in our near future I decided to take to the walking paths for one of few remaining chances at a longish walk in the still mild temps. I did a 12 mile loop (a little less than 2 of those miles were spent walking with the pups) that has become one of my preferred routes. For as much as I enjoy my time on my bikes, I look forward to my walks every bit as much.

Tammy did an amazing job with Thanksgiving! Cindy came into town and Rachel was also with us. There was so much to prepare so rather than getting in the way I simply told her to tell me what she needed. I carved the turkey and helped with cleanup; that was about all. Trying to fit all of the leftovers in our refrigerator was a puzzle but we like puzzles.

I got into trouble with Tammy a few weeks ago when I went up on the roof to string our outdoor holiday/Christmas lights. She had made it clear to me not long before that she didn't want me putting them up anymore out of concern for me being injured. (I've put her through enough worries with my health already.) I explained to her that it's only ever one spot toward the peak of our roofline that worries me but I promised her I wouldn't do them this year or ever again. I suppose I either lied then or I went back on my promise because when she went to her aunt's house a few Saturday's ago to make Lefse I took the opportunity to get the lights hung. What is it they say about it being easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission? I had another friend ask me if suffering a severe injury was worth having lights on our house? She's right, too. It's not worth it.

Anyway, this will in all likelihood be the last year I put up our outdoor lights to the extent I've done them this year and in years past. I sorta feel like I'm the last one in the neighborhood making much of an effort anyway so maybe it's just as well. I will miss this tradition.

Not only was Tammy busy with Thanksgiving last week but she also managed to put together a 90th birthday party for her mother. I think Elaine was at times a little overwhelmed by it all but at other times she maybe didn't even realize that this was all for her. She continues to steadily slip away from us. It was a very nice party. Here are some photos from the day. See the video below.

She's typically up a few times each night to use the bathroom and that requires Tammy to get out of bed to help her. A couple nights ago it was 6 trips to the bathroom. It's becoming too much. We've decided that we're going to find a long-term care facility or possibly a group home for her in the spring. We've got a couple of nearby facilities in mind where we'll be able to visit her daily. Nothing is for certain except the fact that she's going to require more and more hands-on care as the disease progresses and we'd rather have a plan in place ahead of time rather than finding ourselves in-over-our-heads and scrambling to keep up.

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