Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Have Such a Talented Partner!

With Prince's death a few days ago I'm left somewhat puzzled by the amount of national and worldwide attention his passing has received. I assumed he had a sizeable following but I had no idea he was so revered. I've read my share of articles about him these past few days and they've given me a new appreciation for the man and his music. I can't imagine Bob Dylan garnering more of a send-off than what we've witnessed with Prince.

I don't own any of his music although there are songs of his that I liked and even a couple to take me back to specific places and times from my life in the '80s but nothing more. Tammy and I have been talking about getting a "Prince Essentials" collection of his music if there is such a thing.

I only hope that our lasting memories of the man, other than his music, will be of his generousness for those in need and not a focus on anything darker that is rumoured to have resulted in his death.

We had friends of ours come into town from Kalispell, Montana Thursday night. We met Paul and Kate about 6 years ago when we used to host a small-group for our church and they were such an important part of that group: Kate with her sincere sweetness and Paul with his questions that nobody else thought to ask. They're such fine people as are the others from our disbanded group. We jumped at the chance to have another get-together at our home. It was so nice to see everyone again. I should have a photo to add here but I don't. Next time.

Tammy has been putting her creative side into overdrive lately. We're still doing our volunteer work on Thursdays in Woodbury with some elderly residents at an assisted living facility in addition to some mentally and physically challenged adults. Each week Tammy comes up with a craft for the people we work with to do and this past week's project was quite a hit. Tammy prepared dozens of polymer clay slices of various designs she'd made using the cane technique. She had her crafters apply them to a clear glass cup to create a pattern design. They all had a fun time working with them. She brought them home to bake in the oven and we'll bring them back this week. We're thinking of maybe adding some potting soil and flower seeds to complete the project.

She had one other project she took on last week -- she reupholstered our deck chairs. After only 3 years they had become faded and tired looking. We went out to Joanne Fabrics and found some outdoor material to use then she spent the better part of two days fitting the cushions for a new look. They turned out great! I'm super impressed that she's able to do this. She first took on an upholstering project when she was a single mom and couldn't afford new furniture but wanted to make her home as nice as possible. She bought some well worn furniture at a garage sale and breathed new life into it. I have such a talented partner!

I'm still waiting to get back on the links. I had a bit of a setback last Monday when I had an abrupt encounter with not too big of a tree while riding the trails at Murphy. I allowed my left bar end to get too close to a tree and it reached out and grabbed me, stopping me dead in my tracks and sucking me in and smacking my ribs and upper front left shoulder where it left an abrasion that I've done well to keep Tammy from seeing and because she seldom reads my blog I'm fine with mentioning it here (insert smiley face). My GoPro was there but my physical meeting with the tree happened out of view of the lens of my camera. Still, you can see it unfold at 3:33 of the video below.

The sharp pain in my rib that I've been nursing for 6 weeks now (due to a golfing injury) was all but gone when this happened but now it's back. I'm hopeful though that I can still swing the club as most of my issues were with rib pain on my left side, more toward my back. I don't want to rush my recovery but I'm really itching to get out there. I hit a couple dozen balls at the range tonight at about 3/4 strength and I felt good.

At least I established a bunch of PRs on my ride at Murphy but was it worth it? In that moment, yes but it's no longer that moment and I really wanna golf! Did I mention that men's league begins in less than 2 weeks and I haven't even established my handicap? I've got some work to do in the way of both healing and golfing and I don't know that I can take them both on together but try I'll because I'm stubborn that way.

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