Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Walking Away and Keith McKay

The plan for this morning is to get on my Shaman and head for the trails at Murphy but my legs are saying "not yet, please". Instead, I'll sit on the deck with the sounds of trash hauling trucks working the neighborhood and a woodpecker relentlessly trying to achieve its goal a few backyards away. A lone hummingbird darts into view and catches my eye to momentarily drink from a feeder before speeding away. There's both a low overcast keeping the sun at bay and a light breeze working in my favor. The only thing in need of my attention will be our deck plants that require daily watering but they can wait a little longer.

As I mentioned before, Tammy and I have found a new church home at Family of Christ in Lakeville. She had the women from their book club over last night to discuss their most recent read, Two Old Women. The church appeals to us both but my concern is mostly for Tammy because a church family is so important to her. She had that too at Hosanna but she was becoming continually more and more disappointed in the way too many there were being sucked into right-wing republican politics that bare such little resemblance to the teachings of Jesus. We both feel bad about that. These are good, caring people but the prevailing mob mentality left little room for an opposing view. She had been biting her tongue for a long time but finally had enough and walked away.

Family of Christ is simply a much better fit for us both. Hosanna, where we'd been members since 1999 will soldier on just fine without us and our missguided left-leaning tendencies to be inclusive of everybody -- kinda the way Jesus would want it (I think).

I honestly didn't imagine I'd ever involve myself in organized religion ever again after my fallout from Hosanna nearly 4 years ago. That experience left me so disillusioned with the entire process that I wanted nothing to do with it anymore. I was fine with Tammy continuing on but she would have to go-it-alone -- and she did until just recently. It feels nice to be sitting beside her in church again but I'm still too quick to take a pass and go riding instead. God and I talk a lot together while I'm on my bike.

Keith McKay was back in town. Keith and I worked together 20 years ago when he was a controller at Minneapolis Center before transferring to Albuquerque Center. I'd recently gotten in touch with him last Thanksgiving and we've since connected through Facebook and texts. It's nice having him in my life again. We used to ride together back in the day and once teamed up in a triathlon where the swimming leg was a 2-person canoe leg instead. I remember us portaging his canoe from where he lived in Burnsville along the sidewalk to Crystal Lake not quite a mile away for the few paddling workouts we did in the weeks leading up to the race.

A few of us met with Keith at Hard Rock Cafe in Mall of America Tuesday night to reminisce about the old days and do some catching up. There was one story in particular about a DQ run for ice cream that stood out but I won't go into that here. Funny stuff!

I rode with Keith and some others (mostly Keith's family) Thursday for an easy paced ride along the paved trails into St Paul. We had hoped to ride the river bottoms but a heavy rain just before our ride kept us on more firm footing. Keith will be back in town in October and we hope to do some more riding together then.

And speaking of riding -- my legs have just given me the go-ahead to fuel up and make tracks for Murphy.

God -- are you listening? I've got some things to run by you.


John Hill said...

I hope that this new church works out for you, as well as for your wife. As a rule, I make no bones about not liking church people too much. It was weird sharing that at an evangelism conference full of pastors and evangelists earlier this year.

I'm working on shedding a few of the masks that I talked about in my post today.
Probably safer to hang on to a few of them, though. Some things are unnecessary and unhelpful for other people to know.

Kevin Gilmore said...

It wasn't an easy decision for Tammy but it got to the point where the very conservative mindset of the masses was interfering with her ability to focus on why she was there. I had encouraged her to remain and maybe be an example for others to see that there can be reasonable opposing views but she didn't have it within her to stay. Neither did I. There are two very good friendships she had there that I hope she can hang onto but for now I think she'd rather wait until the election is over and politics takes a back seat.

The first time at our new church home was like a breath of fresh air. After the service there was a follow-on discussion for those who wished to remain about how to live in harmony with your Muslim neighbors. We stayed and were glad we did. I very much appreciated the intellect of those taking part in the talk. It was void of any of the harsh judgement toward Muslims I too often hear from those on the right.

Nice post from you today. I think I'm maybe a little too open about some of my thoughts that I share here and perhaps I should just put on a happy mask and be quiet but then I remind myself why it is I write here in the first place.