Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Busy Week, Retirements and a Nifty App

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I've had in awhile. A good friend offered to run the necessary wiring for our main floor remodel and much of it required us to be up in the attic spaces pulling wires through to the electrical panel in the garage on the other end of the house. Neither of us realized how laborious a job this would be and I feel bad for taking Steve up on his offer to help. He didn't bail on me and for that I'm grateful and thankful.

There were some key decisions to be made along the way with respect to the placement of lights and for the most part I've got once chance to get them right. I think what we've got will work but it won't be until the project comes together more fully that I'll know for sure.

Tammy will be in Babbitt with the pups (Dublin got to ride up front) for another couple weeks while construction continues. This is definitely not the home I'm used to. There are no wagging tales as I come in through the back door by the garage and no sniffing noses to see what I'm eating. This is not normal.

During the course of the week we made quite a mess. Even though it's all going to get trashed again when our drywall guy comes in later this week, I spent a few hours cleaning it up. I like the openness of the new look having removed most of the wall between the kitchen and front room and the additional light through the window Joe added to the west side of our front room. As Karen said, "It should've always been there."

I ordered some glasses for viewing the upcoming eclipse in late August. What fun is an eclipse if you can't look at it?

Mark Lapham and Steve Mechelke have left the building! Mark hosted a nice get-together at Lakeville Brewery to celebrate his retirement. I always enjoy these parties and the chance to catch up with friends.

My walks and rides and time spent on the golf course have come to a grinding halt for the most part but I hope to find a more normal routine soon. I spent some time on my bike this morning after the drizzle stopped before going to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls.

While Tammy is away I'd like to fit in a spontaneous, quick day trip to Huron, South Dakota for a round of golf on the course I used to play when I worked there with the FAA in the early to mid '80s. Tammy and I stopped there a few years ago on our way out to western South Dakota but I didn't play. It's been on my bucket list for awhile.

Here's video from a nifty little app called Relive that takes data from my rides or walks and displays it in an overhead view. I had intended to be out there longer but a half hour into my ride I realized that the battery to my rear blinking LED light had died. I really depend on it to feel safe against distracted drivers so I opted to head for home instead. Times have changed.

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